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Groovement Podcast: Gravement 2014 ft Wolfcop, Starry Eyes, Zombi, Maniac and more…

gravement 14

Soundtrack shenanigans! Some newer stuff from the likes of Wolfcop, Let Us Prey and Starry Eyes (all of which I caught at this year’s Grimmfest) plus some VHS twaddle and classics from the likes of Goblin and Carpenter.

I’ve never laid claim to coming up with the Gravement pun, that was Danny Drive Thru.  Have a listen to the 2014 selection below…
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Oh and yes, those are Groovement Cat’s teeth.


GROOVEMENT // Fingathing / 6DEC10 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

GRAVEMENT – DANNY DRIVE THRU // 30OCT12 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

GRAVEMENT // 31OCT11 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Gravement 2014

William Keuker – Satan War: Black Mass Pt 2

Dana Kaproff – Chiller: Main Title
Goblin and Gianni Dell’Orso – Hell Of The Living Dead: Opening Titles
Simon Boswell – Demons III The Ogre: Opening Titles
Das Yahos – Cannibal Hookers: Main Theme
Elmer Bernstein – An American Werewolf In London: Suite
Bear McCreary – The Walking Dead: Main Title Theme (UNKLE Remix)
Raekwon and Ghostface Killah – Legal Coke (Suspiria)
Evil Ebenezer and Factor – Wolfcop: The Wolfcop
Rob – Maniac: Doll
Goblin – Zombi: Supermarket
Goblin – Zombi: Main Title
Alessi – Ghostbusters: Savin’ The Day
Jerry Goldsmith – Gremlins: Gremlin’s Rag
Stuart Lynch – Let Us Prey: Rachel’s Theme
Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson – Room 237: To Keep From Falling Off
Jonathan Snipes – Starry Eyes: She Is Ready To Transform / Kissing Tracy
John Carpenter – Halloween II: Laurie’s Theme
Franz Waxman – Bride of Frankenstein: Main Title
Jospeh LoDuca – Evil Dead: Chorus Theme
Cesar Devlla-Irizarry and Charlie Clouser – American Horror Story: Theme
Pino Donaggio – Don’t Look Now: John’s Vision (Laura’s Theme)
Henry Manfredini – Friday the 13th: Main Theme
John Carpenter – The Fog: Main Theme
William Keuker – Satan War: Black Mass Pt 1
Franz Waxman – Bride of Frankenstein: End Titles

Gravement 2014: A Soundtrack Spectacular from Agent J by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud


Preview: Funk Soul and Afro Rarities – An Introduction to ATA Records


Release: 10th November 2014

Order on vinyl, CD and digital on Bandcamp.

A stunning new compilation from Here & Now Recordings. From the press release:

“There’s a certain deep, rich, warm sound which can only be achieved from the equipment and instruments of the 1960’s and 1970’s.”

A cornerstone philosophy and belief written as the postscript on a final letter of permission from the estate of the co-owner of ATA Records.

The story of this label is set in the heart of the North of England, in the Yorkshire city of Leeds, where ATA’s boutique analog studio spent years developing its sound to create a vast, rich catalogue of soulful music which utilised the handsome wealth of local musical talent and boasted a recording output to rival that of its New York & Detroit contemporaries.

The 12 recordings on this compilation encapsulate the high quality playing, performing and production which sealed the burgeoning reputation that ATA was gaining within Leeds and whets the appetite as to what the label could have achieved in the greater musical landscape of that period, both domestically and internationally.

Here & Now Recordings are overwhelmingly humbled to be able to share such a rich slice of UK funk and soul history with you where a commitment to carefully restore the material with similar 1960s and 1970s analog instruments and equipment was both a logical duty and personal pleasure.

Here & Now Recordings would also like to thank the gracious and generous estates of the owners, performers and producers of this music who helped make this compilation possible and to Neil Innes and Pete Williams for their tireless work and love in reviving and restoring the sounds and name of the ATA Recordings imprint by keeping all things analog.”


Video: STRANGE U & JEHST – Dolph Lungdren limited 7″ + tour dates


Strange U are on tour with Jehst this month, including a date at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen. This track will be available as a tour only white 7″, but the track will be available to download at YNR (and possibly the Strange U Bandcamp)  on Nov 3rd.

Buy tickets for your nearest gig here.

strange u tour

osaka jamie

Manchester: Osaka Monaurail @ Band on the Wall 10 Nov


World leaders in super heavy funk Osaka Monaurail are due to hit Manchester this November. I last caught them as Marva Whitney’s backing band at Leeds’ Hi-Fi Club in 2010 .

Here’s a video summing up that vibe from the same tour:

They are of course masters of the field in their own right:

Their latest release, the follow up to 2012’s State of the World, is ‘Osaka Monaurail performs Riptide and other readings from the book of funk’, available to listen to over on German label Unique Records. 

The track listing goes:

1. THE DRUNK…..2:41
2. (SHE’S A) RIPTIDE…..5:11
3. THE HORSE…..3:31
4. FRUIT BASKET…..6:13
5. CALINGA…..5:00
8. LIBERTY……7:21
9. BALL OF FIRE…..2:38
Buy tickets for the Band on the Wall gig over on their site. I’m so excited I knocked out a quick web flyer…
lack of afro

Download: Lack Of Afro’s BBC 6Music session for Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show

Download some of the live tracks recorded by the Lack Of Afro band at Media City, for Craig Charles’ Saturday night Funk and Soul Show.

Click on each track individually to download.

Keep up with Lack Of Afro’s latest over on his website.


Jack Tyson-Charles: Vocals on “Freedom” & “Recipe For Love”
Juliette Ashby: Vocals on “Making It Right”
Adam Gibbons: Bass / BVs
George Cooper: Keys / BVs
Harry Harding: Drums / BVs
Zach Spivey: Guitar



Preview: Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) in Manchester for Vent opening 7th Nov

phife 1

It’s not often new spaces manage to get someone of such legendary stature on their first night, but Manchester’s been taken aback by the announcement of Phife hitting town on 7th November.

Vent delivers 3 months of Fridays from its own base, a once mill & now deserted club.. With a 24 hour licence, 3 floors and room enough for 1000, we can unleash Manchester’s potential.‘ – Minshull Street is the best I can get for the location from Skiddle – keep an eye out for an official announcement of where the space is!


live performances from:

phife dawg [a tribe called quest]

+ dj rasta root [smoking needles]

+ probot the mighty [acid city records]




hector moralez [apollonia, we the brand]

tommy largo [mushroom jazz, great lakes audio]

jamie trench [tsuba, viva music]

david glass [circus recordings, roush]

jade cox [im a house gangster, robsoul]

oliver drops [departure, vent

DANNY BECK [Ibiza Rocks, Vent]

DAN J & MIKE O’MARA [Huddle]

LARRY JONES [Oddisco, Vent]



Groovement chased up Oliver Drops to see what the dealio is…

You guys have got Manchester all abuzz with this gig, seemingly coming out of nowhere – what can you tell us about the people behind Vent?
Well, Vent started as more of a side project aimed at bringing big performers to small and unusual spaces. Some friends had one of those old Victorian houses in Withington with a huge basement area. It was actually two rooms with a connecting corridor and it immediately sent our minds spinning. Brick walls, good headroom, soundproof, it was a perfect space for a party.
It took a few weeks of painting and mud shovelling with some flooding and more painting but we opened on schedule with a full house, Funktion One and the main man Tristan Da Cunha. And it’s just evolved ever since, with our last party hosted by Nightmares On Wax in an old cutlery factory in Sheffield.


What will make Vent stand apart from other venues?
We’ve got a 24 hour licence, which we intend to utilise, but aside from that we’re not sticking to any formula or trend. We’re putting together line ups of all skills and generations. We’re kind of taking the house party rules to a club.


So, let’s talk Phife – whose genius idea was that?
Who’s not a Tribe fan?


What are your favourite Tribe tracks and why?

Ah so many. 8 Million Stories just gets me every time. The lyrics are unreal, so much attitude.
‘Just last week my girl was stressin me, now her best friend be undressin me’
What a Dawg. But then, ‘now that i got that out my system, watch me stab up the track as if my name was OJ Simpson,’ is one of my favourite lines.
So The Hop has to be up there but God Lives Through, Check the Rhime all of them. Q is my favourite engineer and Phife my favourite rapper, so it’s win win.


The opening party is also a showcase for We The Brand – what’s your association with these guys and what can you tell us about them?
We The Brand is Hector Moralez‘s baby and I’ve loved Hector’s music for a long time. Then after we booked him earlier this year at The Night Kitchen, he blew the lid so it would have been counter productive to not get him back. And it so happens he’s one of the loveliest passionate guys i’ve ever met, and has even insisted on coming over to promote Vent three weeks early.


Any clues as to forthcoming events?
TBA – 28th Nov //
Matador, Philip Bader & Di Chiara Brothers 5th Dec //
TBA – 12th Dec.
But we have a lot more up our sleeve, some great collaborations and partners to yet announce. And watch out for NYD.


What are your hopes for the future of Vent?
We don’t know, we like to change. Let’s see where it takes us.
Buy your tickets for Phife (quick!) at Skiddle
Keep up with Vent over at their website.
phife3 phife





Out now: P.I.M.P. – Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band 45 re-issued on Truth & Soul Records


I’m so proud of my bros over at Hamburg label Mocambo, who are about to see their first Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band 45 released on New York’s Truth & Soul Records, home of El Michels and the like (the eagle-eyed amongst you will spot their recent release ‘Bacao Suave / Round and Round‘ was on T&S imprint Plane Jane Records).

Blurb from T&S:  Back in 2008 BRSB released its smashing cover of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P. which was long thought to be the original sample for the tune. The Mocambo pressing is already hard to come by and fetching top dollar on the internet has become an underground classic. On Side A BRSB treat the tune to their signature smashing drums and bass heavy production, taking the original loop and turning it into a full composition. Brass and steel pan parts putting it somewhere between reggae, steel funk, and the Superfly Soundtrack.

Side B is the first BRSB original making it’s way to vinyl, “Laventille Road March” hits hard. The heavy drumming, open breaks, and pan melodies make this a sureshot for DJs and listeners alike.

The guys have a full length coming in 2015 on T&S, simply called 55.

If you don’t know about 45 label kings Mocambo, check out their back catalogue here.