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Agent J is editor-in-chief of Groovement, which is a podcast and this website. AKA Jamie Groovement. Also writes for Bonafide and Now Then magazines plus Manchester Wire.

Swing Ting Label Launch Party SAT 15 NOV

st1label launch

Great Manchester news with the announcement of the upcoming debut release on Swing Ting The Record Label. More details and a nice Q&A with the boys over at FACT; jump on the Facebook event here.

Playing on the night will be residents Samrai, Joey B and Platt plus Brackles, Trigganom, Famous Eno and Fox on mic duties. It’s this Saturday!

The inaugural ST releases will be Brackles’ Skank, featuring Manchester don Fox. Pre-order on iTunes here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 17.43.59

Groovement Podcast: Motion Sickness – A Mix For Now Then by Agent J


The new issue of Now Then Manchester is out now digitally, and can be read here.

I’ve done a mix for this issue to accompany the mag and articles I wrote therein – an interview with Neal Sugarman of the Dap-Kings and a review of the Grimmfest horror festival.

I wrote a blurb about the mix here.

Download (bottom left)

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Motion Sickness: A Mix For Now Then by Agent J by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Fliptrix: Polyhymnia


As the founder of High Focus Records, expectations are high for this, his fifth album. The cover depicts the 9 Muses (daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne dontcha know) as depicted by Leeds artist JayPee, reflecting themes of the album – Polyhymnia herself was one of the muses.

Cementing his reputation as a forward thinking emcee, the whole thing’s produced by Molotov, and is out now – check some reviews at UKHH, Fabricate and TMS.

Buy on iTunes here or order yourself the gatefold vinyl here.

Listen to Fliptrix’s past work over on his Bandcamp.



Groovement supports Shabazz Palaces with From The Kites Of San Quentin


I played with these guys last time they hit Manchester (at the Deaf Institute) and am well chuffed to be supporting once again. Here’s a little pre-gig moment from last time…

You also get the majestic awesomeness of From The Kites Of San Quentin showcasing brand new material.

Grab your tickets here!


Groovement Podcast: Gravement 2014 ft Wolfcop, Starry Eyes, Zombi, Maniac and more…

gravement 14

Soundtrack shenanigans! Some newer stuff from the likes of Wolfcop, Let Us Prey and Starry Eyes (all of which I caught at this year’s Grimmfest) plus some VHS twaddle and classics from the likes of Goblin and Carpenter.

I’ve never laid claim to coming up with the Gravement pun, that was Danny Drive Thru.  Have a listen to the 2014 selection below…
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Oh and yes, those are Groovement Cat’s teeth.


GROOVEMENT // Fingathing / 6DEC10 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

GRAVEMENT – DANNY DRIVE THRU // 30OCT12 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

GRAVEMENT // 31OCT11 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Gravement 2014

William Keuker – Satan War: Black Mass Pt 2

Dana Kaproff – Chiller: Main Title
Goblin and Gianni Dell’Orso – Hell Of The Living Dead: Opening Titles
Simon Boswell – Demons III The Ogre: Opening Titles
Das Yahos – Cannibal Hookers: Main Theme
Elmer Bernstein – An American Werewolf In London: Suite
Bear McCreary – The Walking Dead: Main Title Theme (UNKLE Remix)
Raekwon and Ghostface Killah – Legal Coke (Suspiria)
Evil Ebenezer and Factor – Wolfcop: The Wolfcop
Rob – Maniac: Doll
Goblin – Zombi: Supermarket
Goblin – Zombi: Main Title
Alessi – Ghostbusters: Savin’ The Day
Jerry Goldsmith – Gremlins: Gremlin’s Rag
Stuart Lynch – Let Us Prey: Rachel’s Theme
Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson – Room 237: To Keep From Falling Off
Jonathan Snipes – Starry Eyes: She Is Ready To Transform / Kissing Tracy
John Carpenter – Halloween II: Laurie’s Theme
Franz Waxman – Bride of Frankenstein: Main Title
Jospeh LoDuca – Evil Dead: Chorus Theme
Cesar Devlla-Irizarry and Charlie Clouser – American Horror Story: Theme
Pino Donaggio – Don’t Look Now: John’s Vision (Laura’s Theme)
Henry Manfredini – Friday the 13th: Main Theme
John Carpenter – The Fog: Main Theme
William Keuker – Satan War: Black Mass Pt 1
Franz Waxman – Bride of Frankenstein: End Titles

Gravement 2014: A Soundtrack Spectacular from Agent J by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud


Preview: Funk Soul and Afro Rarities – An Introduction to ATA Records


Release: 10th November 2014

Order on vinyl, CD and digital on Bandcamp.

A stunning new compilation from Here & Now Recordings. From the press release:

“There’s a certain deep, rich, warm sound which can only be achieved from the equipment and instruments of the 1960’s and 1970’s.”

A cornerstone philosophy and belief written as the postscript on a final letter of permission from the estate of the co-owner of ATA Records.

The story of this label is set in the heart of the North of England, in the Yorkshire city of Leeds, where ATA’s boutique analog studio spent years developing its sound to create a vast, rich catalogue of soulful music which utilised the handsome wealth of local musical talent and boasted a recording output to rival that of its New York & Detroit contemporaries.

The 12 recordings on this compilation encapsulate the high quality playing, performing and production which sealed the burgeoning reputation that ATA was gaining within Leeds and whets the appetite as to what the label could have achieved in the greater musical landscape of that period, both domestically and internationally.

Here & Now Recordings are overwhelmingly humbled to be able to share such a rich slice of UK funk and soul history with you where a commitment to carefully restore the material with similar 1960s and 1970s analog instruments and equipment was both a logical duty and personal pleasure.

Here & Now Recordings would also like to thank the gracious and generous estates of the owners, performers and producers of this music who helped make this compilation possible and to Neil Innes and Pete Williams for their tireless work and love in reviving and restoring the sounds and name of the ATA Recordings imprint by keeping all things analog.”


Video: STRANGE U & JEHST – Dolph Lungdren limited 7″ + tour dates


Strange U are on tour with Jehst this month, including a date at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen. This track will be available as a tour only white 7″, but the track will be available to download at YNR (and possibly the Strange U Bandcamp)  on Nov 3rd.

Buy tickets for your nearest gig here.

strange u tour

osaka jamie

Manchester: Osaka Monaurail @ Band on the Wall 10 Nov


World leaders in super heavy funk Osaka Monaurail are due to hit Manchester this November. I last caught them as Marva Whitney’s backing band at Leeds’ Hi-Fi Club in 2010 .

Here’s a video summing up that vibe from the same tour:

They are of course masters of the field in their own right:

Their latest release, the follow up to 2012’s State of the World, is ‘Osaka Monaurail performs Riptide and other readings from the book of funk’, available to listen to over on German label Unique Records. 

The track listing goes:

1. THE DRUNK…..2:41
2. (SHE’S A) RIPTIDE…..5:11
3. THE HORSE…..3:31
4. FRUIT BASKET…..6:13
5. CALINGA…..5:00
8. LIBERTY……7:21
9. BALL OF FIRE…..2:38
Buy tickets for the Band on the Wall gig over on their site. I’m so excited I knocked out a quick web flyer…