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soviet tape

Fulgeance and DJ Scientist, The Soviet Tape ft Blu, Open Mike Eagle, DistantStarr

This new project, on First Word, from Fulgeance and Scientist, stems from the latter’s heavy collection of vintage Soviet vinyl. It’s a mostly chilled, blissful affair with a definite funk (as standard for Fulgeance) and definitely in a lane of its own. The whole thing is 21 tracks in total and can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital here. Release

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Riz Ortolani’s Cannibal Holocaust OST featuring artwork by Jock and Graham Humphries

One Way Static, Death Waltz and Mondo now have available a few versions of the never-before-released-on-vinyl soundtrack to Cannibal Holocaust, by Riz Ortolani. The Jock version is only orderable in North America from Mondo. Death Waltz/One Way Static are handling the European release, with minimal but still cool design on the packaging  – this deluxe edition contains a full colour

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Mr Thing kicks off on Mixcloud

Day made today, with the launch of Mr Thing’s Mixcloud account. He’s put up a brand new hip hop mix to celebrate. Follow him here and holla on Twitter to let him know what you think. Saturday Night Live at Mr Thing’s @DJMrThing by Dj Mr Thing on Mixcloud I was lucky enough to be able to record his set

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