Video/Download: THE MOUSE OUTFIT x DR SYNTAX ft SPARKZ & KOSYNE // Escape Music

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Video by Chini and Defty of The Mouse Outfit. 

This is just ridiculously dope.

I caught up with Dr Syntax on the bus the other day, and he mentioned he was just on the way to finish this video off. This was significant as when I sat down and tried to spin around, to be cool, my headphone wire caught on the seat in front, yanked my neck forward and nearly smashed my teeth on the metal bar in front. My headphones haven’t worked since so in a roundabout way, The Mouse Outfit owe me some new ‘phones. The irony was, he was still paying the driver and didn’t see the seat approach anyway.

He was bigging up Kosyne, who I wasn’t familiar with until now, and rightly so. Sparkz, of course, you’ll know from the previous two Mouse Outfit videos… if you don’t, they’re below.

Download the track for free at The Mouse Outfit Bandcamp or Soundcloud while they last.

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