31st May 2009 – The Colonel has returned.

BLAOW in your face
BLAOW in your face

Dapperer than Dapper Dan, the Colonel makes the trek from the seven hills to t’other side o’Pennines for a jolly Groovement jaunt including a sneak preview of some of his own tunes.

Lock in and freak out.. check the Colonel’s mixtapes over at

First broadcast on 31st May 2009.

From the Colonel’s own Myspace:

“THE COLONEL” is a bizarre robot weapon invented at the end of World War II – designed to shake the Nazis out of their bunkers with lethal doses of bowel-shattering bass. Set free after the war, he ran amok frightening civilians, and his basslines just got angrier and angrier….

Ok, actually the Colonel is me, Lucian O’Neill, born and raised in Ipswich and living in Sheffield (bassline capital) since 1999. Despite being a musician all my life, and a DJ since about 1997, it wasn’t until mid-2005 that I finally ditched me old 4-track, hooked myself up with proper some music production equipment and began to make nasty-sounding leg-wobbling music.

This stuff feeds off drum’n’bass, UK garage, house and hip-hop, but I’d also hope you can hear some of my other influences in there – a squirt of funk, a dash of cinematic jazz, and a splodge of plain daft English knees-up-muvva-brown silliness. If all you can pick out is wibbly bass and squelchy noises, that’s cool with me, as long as it sounds like you’d wanna dance to it. If you wouldn’t even do that, then we’re a bit stuck aren’t we…

The Colonel has also been working on hip-hop beats for Leeds’ dopest emcee, MC FREE, and is about to finish a broken beat collaboration with the very talented Gizelle Smith.

If you are up for collaborating, or just want to give me some abuse (or praise) about my page or my music, just holla!



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