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Alice Russell and TM Juke interview up

With the new album ‘Pot of Gold’ out now on Alice’s own Little Poppet label, Groovement collars Alice Russell and TM Juke in their luxurious Manchester hotel room and makes

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DJ Andy Smith on Groovement

In preparation for DJ Andy Smith’s return to Manchester this week (Friends and Family at the Mint Lounge on Friday, with Alice Russell’s ‘Pot of Gold’ album launch) and in

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New mix from Sneaky out of FINGATHING

The DISCO DRAMA MIX is right here, muthatrunkas. Groovement Podcasts Sneaky! From 2000 Sneaky has of course been the bass backbone of Manchester’s intergalactic space cadets Fingathing – currently residing

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Bloggin… GRAVEMENT hits Bluu Fri 31st

In an effort to actually write SOMETHING and inspired by Konny Kon settting up the Broke N English blog (checkthe mixtape!!!! ) here’s a couple of designs just slung

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Interview: Marc Mac (Visioneers / 4hero)

Marc Mac was in town to play soul at the third ever Hoya Hoya club night, when it was down at the Music Box having taken over Electric Chair’s Saturday

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