Gig: Charles Stepney and David Axelrod paid tribute to in Music Of The Unseen + Jon K and Mr Scruff


18 NOV Manchester Stoller Hall

25 NOV Birmingham Bradshaw Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

26 NOV London Southbank Centre

Manchester’s Stoller Hall sees a 16 piece ensemble pay tribute to the music of two legends of producing on Friday, as Bobbie-Jane Gardner and B+’s Music Of The Unseen hits the city. The ensemble then head to Birmingham and London.

From the website:

Music of the Unseen is an interdisciplinary collaboration between acclaimed composer Bobbie-Jane Gardner and Academy Award nominated documentarian and photographer Brian (B+) Cross .

This collaboration celebrates the legendary musical contributions of composer-arranger-producers Charles Stepney & David Axelrod. Featuring new arrangements and interpretations of Axelrod and Stepney’s music, their music will be performed by the genre-liberated Project Instrumental ensemble, with live visuals and experimental film.

Composer-arrangers are often in the periphery, unsung, their work is often behind the scenes but their contributions are felt, elevating the sounds of pop/jazz and rnb with dazzling orchestral embellishments, voicings and compositional developments to dizzying heights.

Join us for what will be an incredible journey that shines a light on the sounds, stories and the musical communities impacted by the lives and musical careers of Step and Axe.

Afterparty gorgeousness comes from Mr Scruff and Jon K playing Axelrod/Stepney influenced tracks following the concert.

Kick back and watch this three part look at Charles from International Anthem…

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