Mica Millar preps debut album Heaven Knows

Manchester-based Mica Millar’s debut album has been eagerly awaited by the city and beyond, thanks to lots of support from the likes of Trevor Nelson, Craig Charles, Jazz FM and many more.

Crafted under intense personal challenges (Mica broke her back during the making of the album), the tracks across the LP soar with success and are a celebration of soul music.

I didn’t want Covid or my accident to impact my vision for the record. In fact, the time in recovery and lock down allowed me to think bigger and better in the end and ultimately become a much more experienced producer. Working one on one with musicians remotely really opened up the possibilities for collaborating with people I had always wanted to work with (particularly people in the US) and this was so important for being able to achieve both the performances and sonics I wanted for each song on the record.”  

Mica Miller

Heaven Knows is the latest single, listen to that and pre-order the album at Mica’s website.


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement