Groovement10: Pablo Blanquito

A selection from ever-eclectic Manchester don and DJ Pablo, who refused to toe the line and stick to ten tracks – you’ll be glad, though.

I was really excited to be asked to put a chart together by Mr Groovement himself, until I started to try and select the tracks. At that point I realised how hard it would be.

I listen to music constantly day and night and have even more so throughout lockdown, just to stay sane. This chart might give a little idea of the eclectic sound of our Irish – Boricua house and is also an accurate representation of the sound of my bank balance crying each month.

Everything from Nu Bossa to Bruk through Tropical Bass, House, Cumbia and sweet Soul included.

Also I’m sorry I broke the rules…

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Remember Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music do not pay artists fairly – hopefully creating these playlists encourages you to buy the music from Bandcamp and other sites to support the artist. Buy links are below.


1. Moody – Brijean BUY
2. Estamos Bien (Acoustic Rumba Version) – ÌFÉ BUY
3. Beware The Stranger – Lady Blackbird BUY
4. Be Yourself (EVM 128 Remix) – Don Pascal BUY
5. Prototype – Andre 3000 x Tall Black Guy x Blake Johnston BUY
6. You Remind Me – Butcher Brown feat Alex Isley BUY
7. Come Back – Mustafa feat James Blake BUY
8. Fall Again – Duval Timothy feat Lil Silva + Melanie Faye BUY
9. Fools Love – Living Funk BUY
10. Picante Da Terra – Bubas Produçoes BUY
11. Love U Down (re-fix) – Lil Dave BUY
12. Black Turbulence – Donald Mayhem BUY
13. Stuck In A Daze – Demae feat Ego Ella May BUY
14. Home Is Free – Soul Inscribed BUY
15. Levi – Al Wooton BUY
16. Entra El Ritmo Antillano – Meridian Brothers BUY
17. Travels Through Air – Fred Fades and Jawn Rice (O.G Demo) BUY
18. Brand New Day – 79’ers Gang BUY
19. Canto Pra Você – Natalie Grefell BUY
20. Really Wanna – Steve Spacek BUY


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement