Analog Africa: The Making of Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical

There are two Ranil compilations you need to be wrapping your ears around right now:

Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (Limited Dance Edition) is on digital and vinyl, read the full story here.

And we’ve posted about it previously, but you may have missed the tracks the label have been posting to help us survive isolation blues. Listen here.

Even though it’s a free download, people have been using the pay-what-you-like option to contribute money. Samy Ben Redjeb, head of the label, has reported back:

A week after offering that album on bandcamp we had received around 600€, even though the album had been free to download. Your generosity gave us the idea to donate the money to a charitable organisation in Perú that provides food to the most vulnerable during these crazy times. With that in mind we actively encouraged your donations, and we now have collected 1693,00€ from 689 fans! Thank you very much this support.

We are now in talks with various institutions, notably the “Banco de alimentos Perú” who collect food from supermarkets and fast food chains that would otherwise be thrown away, and then distribute it in some of the poorest areas of Perú. Since Ranil is from the city of Iquitos, we are negotiating with the director of “Banco de alimentos Perú” to have your donations deployed in that city, particularly in the Belén neighbourhood, one of the city’s poorest, and also the place where Ranil currently lives. You can follow the Banco de alimentos on Instagram here.

The “Stay Safe & Sound Ranil Selection” will be online on the Analog Africa Bandcamp until the 1st of May. So please make a donation if you haven’t done so yet, and please also forward this link to your friends and loved ones and ask them to download the music for 1 or 2€. Thank you in advance.

Samy’s also put out a little film to go with the releases, made by Mauricio Banda and Mack Prime, featuring paintings from José “Ashuco” Araujo. Enjoy that above.


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