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There’s not as many differences as you might think between you versus somebody else in another part of the world, because look at the music they’re making: it can all fall under a global umbrella of cross-pollinated new sounds.


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Today sees Brownswood release Cape Town Jam, the first track to land from Auntie Flo’s Radio Highlife album. The track’s inspired by a trip to South Africa, incorporating a marimba band and warping it into a new re-presentation.

Auntie Flo by Flavien Prioreau

Auntie Flo’s first project for Brownswood Recordings is his third and grandest album to date, following Theory of Flo and Future Rhythm Machine on the Glasgow-based Huntleys & Palmers label.

Based in Glasgow and of Goan-Kenyan heritage, Flo (aka Brian d’Souza) seeks to connect to the vibrations of the world with his music using field recordings from across the globe. Laurie Pitt, of Glasgow’s Golden Teacher, Senegalese multi-instrumentalist Mame Ndiack, UK producer and singer Andrew Ashong and Cuban percussionist Yissy Garcia all collab on this LP.

The album is a physical companion to d’Souza’s radio show on Worldwide FM and follows his Highlife club night in Glasgow.


Album release date: 12 October 2018


Tracklist :
01. Life Is High
02. Nobody Said It Would Easy
03. Havana Rhythm Dance ft. Andrew Ashong
04. Isbjørn
05. Radio Souk
06. Lights In The Northern Sky
07. Western Princes
08. Inga’s Choir
09. Malawi Skit
10. Cape Town Jam
11. One Guitar ft. Dan Mugula
12. Kampala
13. Magic Stones Skit
14. Mame’s Story ft. Mame D’Diack
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