New music / Jonti returns with Sleeping and Falling

November 3 sees the release of Jonti’s new long player, Tokorats. His work is as dreamy as ever and infused with the sunshine that permeates his earlier albums. Interestingly, this was recorded as a sister release for his debut Twirligig in 2011, but was scrapped and started again in 2013. Four years and many versions of each song later, Jonti’s ready to share the products of his journey.


A Tokorat is that supernatural creature in the mirror. A multicolored weirdo mutant composed of all the elements of your story and all the complexities of your character. In every song I was having a conversation with all the good and unflattering reflections of myself — AKA my Tokorats. While this album does document a five year spiritual journey, it was ultimately a fun and luscious experience. I’m lucky I got to know my Tokorats.



– Jonti

Track Listing:

1. Lotus Street
2. Alien
3. Sleeping and Falling
4. Island Rose feat Sampa the Great
5. Misto On the Moon
6. Tokorats
7. Isle of the Dead
8. Zuki
9. Cities
10. Staring Window
11. Animah feat Hodgy & Midnight Mutants
12. Love Prayer
13. Maria Mapulane Thibiri
14. Papaya Brothers
15. Meese Man




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