On Wax: débruit & Istanbul

I was sat in the Soup Kitchen with debruit (aka Xavier Thomas) a while back, and we talked about his hopes and dreams for this Istanbul-inspired album for a good hour or so. The LP has been out since the end of May but I’m only just getting around to giving it a good listen (Baby Groovement takes up most of my time at the moment!) and it’s super dope.

It’s like a Finders Keepers release on (extra) acid, Xavier recording with a team of the city’s musicians over a fortnight and resulting in a true melting pot of styles, all married by debruit’s quirky all-encompassing vision for music on a global platform. Pretty unique, as always from this guy.


“I wanted this album to be driven by the feelings I got from Istanbul and my encounters. The city’s enthusiasm and majestic urban and topographic flows inspired light but deep moods: there is a darkness in there but a proud one. A roughness in control. Istanbul has such an inspiring mix of tradition and forward thinking vision. It has a pulse of its very own. Its impossible to put into words the excitement, surprises and magic of making this album. Of the experiences of trying to find these people, walking up unknown streets or taking the boat to the Asian side. Discovering the city at the same time as being on the album journey, going to neighbourhoods I wouldn’t have been to if it wasn’t for recording. All that influence, infusing my imagination and creativity at the same time.” – Débruit


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement