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Something shit happened this week to our good friend Peter Parker (from out of that Fingathing) and his little dog, Giz. Giz’s vet bills are through the roof and fingers crossed he survives the trauma. Dan is recovering in hospital, with no permanent tendon damage. If you have the inclination, please hit the ‘Donate’ button above to help these guys out.

Dan’s partner Fiona wrote the following on Facebook…

All our love and hopes for a speedy recovery to both Dan and Giz.


Yesterday at about 10.15am, Dan ‘Peter Parker’ Baxter and our dog Giz got savagely attacked in Alexandra Park in Whalley Range by a Bull Mastiff (dark gold/caramac colour), Dan is in hospital having surgery on his hands today and will be in hospital for the next few days. Giz is at the vets and is critical, he will be there overnight again tonight and all I can do is hope. Vets bills are already in excess of £900. It is important that we catch the dog and owner that are responsible for this. Next time it could be a kid. If anyone has any info that they think will help please call/text/message me. I have contacted the police – GMP crime ref no. 882 . Thanks.

GROOVEMENT // Fingathing / 6DEC10 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

FINGATHING SOUNDTRACK SPECTACULAR! // 13MAR12 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


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