Hiatus Kaiyote hit Manchester with Riot Jazz…

hiatus riot



Details from the mouths of Riot Jazz below… Facebook.

”That’s it I’m done. In love” / Erykah Badu

”once in a blue moon something moves me so much im willing to alienate friends when an UNDENIABLE project comes along. THIS is that project.” / ?uestlove (The Roots)

“Oh yes!…hope they come to Europe soon, because the live show looks
amazing.” / Gilles Peterson

• • • WITH SUPPORT FROM… • • •

• RIOT JAZZ BRASS BAND • (First Word Records)
9-barrelled balkan-to-brooklyn bonanza!

’”music made via the human power of breath and hands, that one feels in the gut”, this is music with physical heft in an era of laptop twiddling. It would take a hard heart indeed to watch one of these troupes playing live and not want to join the parade.” / The Guardian

• WALK • (sequencer blues)

”The kick with WALK is the evolution to sequencer blues; leaving electric blues in the past by warping their sonic creations with 21st century electronic gadgetry” / Now Then

”a high-proof blend of hard-oak blues from the same universe as Valerie June and The Black Keys, but set on a different planet by the drummer’s ambidextrous sequencer-play”

• CHUNKY • (Rinse FM / Swamp 81)
International word-jongleur!

“Chunky is our go to lyrical genius, a man of well over 6ft and every inch filled with talent” / True Tiger

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Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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