Reach Manchester: MATTHEWDAVID / DIVA /THE CYCLIST / KUTMAH / JON K / JONNY DUB midweek madness

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Hoya Hoya’s Jonny Dub launches Soundwave in Manchester with this ridiculous Wednesday night party next week.

Matthew David (Leaving Records / Brainfeeder / Dub Lab)
Diva (Stones Throw)
The Cyclist (Leaving Records)
Kutmah (Sketchbook / Tempo Clash)

plus Hoya:Hoya residents

Jonny Dub & Jon K



What a great night we have lined up for you, bringing both a Leaving Records showcase along side a Soundwave festival launch party, it’s going to be something really special…

To celebrate our involvement with this year’s Soundwave festival we are pleased to present a unique one off mid week performance featuring some of LA’s & the UK’s finest electronic music producers & DJ’s

Live Visuals and artwork

Some Blurb….

Matthewdavid is a man who builds with warm tones. He travels new paths gathering sounds to enhance the intricate dimensions of his creations. It was this hunt for inspired trails and blazing progress that pulled him to California. Matthewdavid made the move from southern states and was immediately embraced by the Los Angeles community. A willowy figure with wide smiles, his gentle presence and generous talents made him a welcome addition to internationally applauded LA creative circles: dublab, Poo-Bah, Low End Theory and Brainfeeder. Constant collaboration with these collectives helped inspire Matthewdavid to a build a platform of his own. His Leaving Records label has an ear to the next and an eye on the original. Through all these outlets Matthewdavid is dedicated to sharing elevated sounds and visions.

Matthewdavid’s live performances are akin to watching a sorcerer conjure spirits from the deep. He pulls tones like artifacts from an astral trail that ebbs and flows with fresh discoveries. Along the way Matthewdavid collects exotic sound figures: spiraling amethyst cones and wild flowering buds. He treats each found sound like a bright fiber to be weaved into new waveforms. It is a mosaic sparkling with mystic, radiant matter.

Light, gauzy moments blend with those densely layered. The biggest swing gives way to the slowest sway. These are classic jams obscured in fuzz and fog. Nostalgic jeeps bump invisibly to thumping bass. His music’s mysterious simplicity sparks senses. These songs come from far out to resonate within. Rotate your dial to a space between frequencies. Catch these ghost channels of golden pop, familiar rhythms with those lost long ago and others yet to come.

As you listen set your ears to slow dissolve. Let yourself be wrapped in warmth and levitate skyward to an elegant high. This is the place Matthewdavid resides and if you want to get into the mindset you must get far far out out.

£5 advanced tickets, m.o.t.d.

The Roadhouse
8 Newton Street, Piccadilly
M1 2AN


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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