Download: TORUS // YARD SALE EP (Sonic Router Records)

Sonic Router Records are celebrating the anniversary of their launch with a free/pay-what-you-want EP from Dutch producer Torus, who was the first artist they released, and it is a corker. The first track, 2mrrw, sets the picnic blanket out perfectly with a lovely blissed-out vibe, which, sadly, is not very suited to what’s going on outside right now… but we can dream, right?

Things get a little meatier by the time Shallow Depth comes around, then come full circle with the remixes. Dream Koala‘s 2mrrw remix is similar, but paradoxically, completely different to the original; a morose drone which sits opposite its companion, glaring at it. By which I mean it’s good.

Go get it, and see what I’m on about… and do pay something, even if it’s a quid:

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