Preview: SOUL SPECTRUM RECORDS VOL 1 // Soul Spectrum x Jazzman Records

For all the diggers out there that like to get a well put together compilation to fill in the gaps and play out with, a new and exciting gem is on the horizon.
Curated by Euan Fryer, Soul Spectrum Records are prolific in the area of releasing hard to find soulful dancefloor re-issues on 7-inch vinyl, and now they’re releasing their first compilation; Soul Spectrum Records Volume One.

“I have let good as well as rare music be the narrative on this LP. There are some records here that are relatively affordable and I encourage you to go out and find them on original 45s, and play them. Records should be heard, not archived – keep the wonderful culture of playing 45s and 12s alive.”

 – DJ Fryer, December 2012

The compilation includes some rarities, including the ultra rare $8000 7” from Fluorescent Smogg, as well as a couple of fresh edits of old tunes, and a newer cut by Kings Go Forth to finish the release.
Soul Spectrum Records Volume One is the debut label compilation from Jazzman Records sub-label, Soul Spectrum Records, coming out 18 February. Available from and all good record shops.

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Jazzman Records – CD, LP & MP3 (JMANCD053 / JMANLP053)
Released: 18 Feb 2013


01. Heem the Music Monsters – Wake Up
02. Barbara St.Claire – Teacherman
03. Billy Byrd – Lost in the Crowd
04. Willie Wright – Right On for the Darkness
05. Tobert – I’ve Got It
06. Barbara King – What I Did in the Street
07. Ellipsis – People
08. George Smallwood – Rollercoaster
09. Freak – Life Goes On
10. Gold – What About the Child (Mix for Sami)
11. Barbara Lynn – Mellow Feeling
12. Big Apple Band – Party & Get On Down
13. Phillip Wright – Keep Her Happy (Ashley Beedle Heavy Disco Edit)
14. Nate Calhoun – Funktown
15. Little Beaver – Listen to My Heartbeat
16. Target – Give Me One More Chance
17. LaRom Baker – You’re the Best (Tom Noble Disco Edit) \
18. Raw Soul Express – The Way We Live
19. Zebra – Simple Song
20. Fluorescent Smogg – All My Life
21. Kings Go Forth – You’re the One

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