Preview: RED LASER RECORDS // EP1 – Manchester Italo Red Wax

Photo: Sarah Bates

DIY Italo from Manchester heads. Congrats to all involved on the newborn!

Crowhead: Finally! After various setbacks the finish line is upon us and we have a beautiful record with amazing  bespoke poster artwork. Personally I will be framing the poster and re housing my vinyl in a solid jacket for DJ’ing purposes but collectors may want to keep the item complete. Last night was fuking amusing as Me, Matt Triggs and Bob Dazzle formed the Red Laser Records cottage industry chain gang with Bob slicing 2mm off every poster so they would fit in the sleeve’s and me and Matt combining Poster, sleeve’s and vinyl to make the release complete. That twee bitch off the telly Kirsty Alsop would have had a ‘wide on’ at how ‘Homemade’ this all is. Anyway I ended up going back to my car after we had finished and I had a fuking parking ticket. Well Mr Parking Twat FUCK YOU as I was so happy with the finished EP1 I couldn’t give a fuck HA HA HA HA HA (inane cackle through gritted teeth) 😀

Read more, including info on the tracks below, at the Red Laser blog! Listen to previews over at our label focus.

The track listing:

Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine – Fantasmi
Il Bosco – Slow in C Minor
Starion – Another Dimension
Ste Spandex – Freak For You


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