Preview: LOWER ENTRANCE // Mass Production EP

Sublime beats from Warsaw, Poland, with a guest spot from Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Records. The label is U Know Me Records. There are also 300 vinyl copies in existence.

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Japan – http://www.jetsetrecords.net/LOWER-ENTRANCE-MASS-PRODUCTION-EP/p/423004395532
England – http://www.juno.co.uk/products/462509-01.htm
Germany – http://www.hhv.de/item_284110.html


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Lower Entrance Bio:

It was around 2000 when Lower Entrance got into music as a creator, starting out with some local hip hop bands as an MC and a producer. After a few years, he has kicked off his solo project. Between 2004 and 2009, he released a few instrumental albums, which boosted his local recognition. The following year, he shifted his focus to trip-hop, but it was only after he fell in love with nu-beats under the influence of Flying Lotus’ music when his creative vision moved to the next level.

“I made a few tracks that I sent to Razzmattazz and from there they were passed on to U Know Me Records, its ‘younger sister’. That’s how I started my collaboration with UKM. Groh has made me an offer which I accepted, and that’s how I made my first release – the ‘Lower Entrance’ EP.” The EP mentioned has been released digitally, including, among others, a previously unreleased, mind- stirring Rhythm Baboon’s remix of ‘Dustlover Stay Strong’. Shortly after the first release, a 7inch ‘Back Entrance’ vinyl including a remix by Teielte was dropped.

Mass Production EP

Lower Entrance’s third release, ‘Mass Production’, is said to have more of a dancefloor feel, especially in comparison with his first release. It’s a sample and synth based project with a guest appearance of musicians and vocalists such as Raashan Ahmad, Natalia Grosiak, Roux Spana and Mr.Krime. All the 5 tracks included differ slightly from each other, turning the whole EP into an extraordinary trip spiced up with a pinch of hip hop, IDM and nu-beats.

“While I work on samples or synths, I’m trying to make them sound more creative, different. There is no particular way of how I sample or play, that’s why each track is different.”

‘Mass Production’ will be released in both digital and physical formats, available on 12inch vinyl and mp3’s. The credit for the outstanding graphics goes to The Dice Twice Crew who are also responsible for the Lower Entrance’s first UKM cover.

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