MODERN CLASSIC: 01 Kuedo – Starfox

Dream Sequence EP - Planet Mu (Classic or what? Click to buy)



For my first post for Groovement (cheers for having me, Agent J) I thought I’d start by putting forward songs to be considered as modern classics, or future classics, however you want to look at it.

First up is Starfox by Kuedo. In my mind an amazing piece of music, and like a lot of the stuff I’m into it’s full of contrasts; it’s soulful but cold; full of established musical devices and new sounds; it’s short but it’s long (not really). And it’s appeal hasn’t diminished for me; still sounds just as good, always a pleasure when I hear it.

Haven’t heard it? Then hear it now:


That were reet good, weren’t it?

Illum Sphere remixed it on the Videowave EP, softening its edge a bit and creating a lovely companion to the original… Clicky clicky…

Right, enough twaddle from me, let us know what y’alls think in das comments…

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