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Midaz the Beast enters slightly different territory with new album Loops, mixed by DJ Sharp.


Press release:

LOOPS – the latest concept album from rapper MidaZ the Beast – drops theDoxside Music Group emcee into the hazy and untampered realm of lo-fi, unpolished samples of soul, jazz, and psychedelic records both classic and obscure.


Stepping away from this trademark style of lyrical assault and battery, MidaZuses LOOPS as a canvas to craft stream-of-conscious narratives directly inspired by his own hand-picked sound selections. Mixed and arranged by DJ Sharp, LOOPS also features production from Doxside crewIMAKEMADBEATS and TzariZM. Showcasing his impeccable ability to paint minutely-detailed pictures through his rhymes, MidaZ hits a variety of topics throughout the project, from imagined bank heists to tales of unrequited love to introspective musings on the plot of the Black man in America. This is mood music, and listeners have been paired with a tour guide who’s a master with his words.

That very mastery is likely the reason that producer Alchemist recently hand-picked MidaZ for a coveted spot on his recent album, Russian Roulette (dropping the Orlando emcee amongst the ranks of indie hip hop names like Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Evidence, and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, among others).


Russian Roulette has put MidaZ on the map for a whole new audience (most notably from The Smoking SectionBillboard, and a direct shout-out fromPitchfork. But longtime fans have been eating up MIdaZ’s projects over the years, from free online projects like El MidaZ Affair and Pete Rock Vs. MidaZ to releases with Doxside producer IMAKEMADBEATS, Blue Sky Black Death, and Alchemist/Oh No’s Gangrene Chinatown Wars.

Be sure to checkout the LOOPS short documentary film directed by Varras Tower and gain behind the scene insight on this highly acclaimed project! Click the jump below!





Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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