Download: ASTRAL SOUNDS // Repeater (Natural Self remix)


Natural Self remixes a 1984 library synth track to great effect – look for more to come from him in the coming months.

Natural Self Bandcamp

From NS:

After a long period of hard work and general re-calibration I am now taking the first steps back into the game. You will, from this point on, be hearing a lot more from me. I’ll have news on the new Natural Self music till the next time but for now I’ve got a little something you. Just a little vibey-thing. To help get us back in the mood, you know?

A little while ago I was rifling through boxes of vinyl in my basement and chanced upon a DeWolfe library record that I had bought years before and subsequently forgotten about. The album was made in 1984, and one track in particular really stood out for being exactly the kind of thing that many contemporary producers are drawing inspiration from, all synths and drum machine. You could well argue we’re currently going through a synth and drum machine renaissance so it seemed like a nice idea to put my own spin on it.
It seemed rude, in fact, not to.

You will almost certainly find the listening experience immeasurably improved by listening to it on headphones whilst watching an 80’s science-fiction film (your choice) with the sound turned down (film, not track).


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