Album: LEJEND // The Great Truth (ft Donwill, Opio, Count Bass D)

Artist: Lejend

Album: The Great Truth

Release: Now


The Great Truth is a passionate and introspective piece of work. It embodies the raw energy of early nineties hip hop but the contemporary elegance of new age hip hop. With the lead single produced by Count Bass D and featuring Original Soul, it takes you back to the golden era of hip hop without sounding dated as O Soul and Lejend trade 16’s about their musical prowess and pursuits. Tracks like “Prosper” and “Hiatus”, two of the album’s highlights, produced by Jlew SoulRehab. They really showcase Lejend’s penchant for precise lyricism and a conceptual approach that he takes throughout this new offering. Lejend exposes his true depth on “Slavery2Presidency” as he waxes philosophical about the journey blacks have had in America over smooth and soul charged MSlago production with melodic overtones from Mz Fortune. He really puts his stamp on the listeners with the Juicy-produced, Donwill- assisted heater “This Life” as they flow about the trials and tribulations of This Life. Lejend spits about coming of age as an emcee and long road left to travel. The Great Truth is a powerful collection of thoughts, experiences and concepts. Accompanied by dynamic production and lyrics that go beneath the surface, you will want to hear more from this Texas emcee.

About Lejend:

A student and true fan of the “Golden Era” of hip hop, Lejend made his debut in 2005, with a collaborative effort with Champion Mathlete entitled “Unconditional.” The music drew immediate attention from the Dallas Weekly and earned Lejend opening spotlights with hip hop greats like Opio (Souls of Mischief,) and Planet Asia. Keeping his buzz strong throughout Dallas, he dropped his first and second mixtapes, “Industry Standard” with DJ Assada and “The Metropolis” with DJ B Smoove. The first single “Watch the World,” The video (produced by Tahiti) was featured in The Dallas Morning News and Quick for social impact and authentic hip hop feel.

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