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From our pals over at Rhythm Incursions:

Today’s guest mix is a little bit special, for many reasons. The man at the helm is family to us here at Rhythm Incursions, or as the kids would say ‘we run deep’ (is that even what kids say today?). The last time he graced the Rhythm Inc airways he went by another name and he was responsible for two of our most popular mixes –The Space Race and Rebirth of the Beat. Under the Om Unit name he’s been a mainstay of many playlists over the last few years so it’s only fitting he should finally properly grace the guest mix archive with a 40 odd minute ride into his current musical mind state.

The World Is Simply A Mirror rolls through a fair share Om Unit’s own productions – recent and forthcoming – as well as releases from his Cosmic Bridge label and artists who are similarly pushing at the edges of various established genres and styles, people like D Bridge, Traxman, Kromestar, EAN, and Ital Tek. It’s a good one too, it shows influences and how these inform newer sounds. But don’t just take our word for it, dive in.

The mix is also an occasion to let you know that among other things Om Unit will be playing at this summer’s Glade Festival which takes place in Haughton Hall from June 14 to 17. Follow the link above for full details, including a rather ridiculous line up which includes a few of the other artists in this here mix, and you can also find Glade on Twitter and Facebook.

As for the rest, the Dream Continuum EP drops later this month on Planet Mu – the collaborative EP with Machinedrum that picks up from their respective re-imaginings of classic jungle through a footwork lens – while next up on Cosmic Bridge is an EP by French producer Moresounds that has, quite literally, more bounce to the ounce. There’s also a VIP digital only release of Kromestar tracks and Om Unit’s new EP for Civil Music, a cheeky preview of which is in this mix. Oh and a fair few remixes, which again a cursory glance at the tracklist will reveal more details of. Keep up with the man on Twitter, his website (soon to be fully back online) and theCosmic Bridge site.

The name’s been on the lips and keyboards of a fair few people recently, and this mix only reinforces why.

As always stream and/or download below or simply subscribe to the RSS/iTunes feeds. Crank up to 11 and enjoy!


1. Jay 5ive and Kromestar – Backwoods (forthcoming Bass N’ Love)
2. Moresounds – Analog Steak (forthcoming Cosmic Bridge)
3. Beat Inc. – Just Remember (Om Unit remix) (Original Cultures)
4. Dbridge – Cornered (Metalheadz)
5. Fracture – Bad Habit (Om Unit remix) (forthcoming Astrophonica)
6. Gemmy and Baobinga – Rockfall (Build)
7. Om Unit – Ulysees (forthcoming Civil Music)
8. EAN – Pictarus (Project Mooncircle)
9. Holy Other – Know Where (TriAngle)
10. Chesslo Junior – INlove (dubplate)
11. Traxman – Footworkin’ On Air (forthcoming Planet Mu)
12. Dream Continuum – B Free (Planet Mu)
13. Eprom – Honey Badger (forthcoming Rwina)
14. Ital Tek – East District (Atom River)
15. Interface & Minus – Hardwork (forthcoming Gutterfunk)
16. Pixelord – Ninja Clown (Deft Remix) (Hyperboloid)
17. 813 – Erotica (Om Unit remix) (forthcoming 92 Points)


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