Reached: SKITTLES // Poor, With £100 Trainers Album Launch / Deaf Institute 5MAR12

Estate Recordings Fam Assemble!

So I got there early to meet Mouse Outfit lead rapper / In The Loop host Bedos, naturally expecting it to be round the block. All we found was Fox and Bricks chillin’ outside, so there was nothing else to do but hit Abdul’s for a quick chicken burger. On a side note, don’t buy Bedos dinner – he orders drinks that are not included in the meal deal and cost 50p more. ‘Like’ his Facebook page.

Two hours later and I think I’m gonna die from people steppin’ on my toes, smothering me with armpits lifting cameras over my head and more people rushin’ in: ‘in the interests of health and safety, join the cool kids at the back on the seats so we can fit more people in’ (Chunky) – but die happy, with blissful tunes in my ears. Konny Kon smashed it early doors with choice hip hop, Chimpo soldiered in with a booty heavy reggae and dubplate selection, then Konny came back and this happened:

Massive props to them fellas (Chunky gets a special mention for being one with the crowd, that kid’s on some Jedi shit) for digging out the foundation of probably the best night I’ve hit in Manchester for the past few years. I grabbed (and paid for) the Skittles album from a bloke who had a box full of ’em on the way in, was tooled up with me Skittles sticker and ready to rock…

*Note to self: do more press ups pre-party for the camera arm next time

First track on the album, In For Me, was first track of the evening…

Sadly I had to go at this point (I know!) as my arm was really aching from taking so much video, plus I had to work early in the morning. Unbelievably, I missed the sting section… here they are on Broke ‘n’ English’s Tryin’, as filmed by MRIANiD

Also, the memory on my iPhone ran out when Strategy put the headdress on, so here’s another from the same YouTuber.

So, best night ever. Preview the album on a separate post, which I’m just about to do. Get to a Skittles live show! The band are amazing, the kid done alright.


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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