Preview: HOMEBOY SANDMAN // Chimera EP

Label: Stones Throw 
Release Date: 09 April 2012
Format: 12” // Digital

“It’s a big hoax that rap is about anything. It can be about a wardrobe. About plant life. If you’re talented you can rap about anything and most of the nonsense in hip-hop actually comes down to a lack of talent.” – Homeboy Sandman

Looking forward to his debut album for the label, Homeboy Sandman releases his second EP for Stones Throw soon in the form of Chimera.

Blurb: Chimera’s six tracks see Sandman at his most dazzlingly lyrical: witness him twisting and punning his way through racial politics, the war on drugs, health care, police brutality, religion and more on the remarkable “Illuminati”


1. Look Out

2. I Do Whatever I Want

3. Cops Get Scared Of Me

4. Illuminati

5. Hold Your Head

6. They Can’t Hang (Word To The Mother)

New video for The Miracle, from the Subject Matter EP


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