Tonight: DAEDELUS x Groovement // 7PM BST, 8PM EUR, 2PM NY, 12PM LA

Groovement // Daedelus
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Daedelus hits Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on Monday with the monster that is Archimedes, an array of moving mirrors conceived by Daedelus, Hoya Hoya visual artist EMN and David Leonard. Having done our own night (In The Loop) there on Friday night, it’s safe to say it’s one of the most vibed venues in the city.

Groovement has taken the opportunity to broadcast live from Hoya towers tonight for a teaser session, music and the usual catch up about tour goings on and Magical Properties. Myself, Agent J, on the hosting, joined by Illum Sphere and some more guests I’m sure.

Tune into the Groovement Ustream later…

Tuesday sees the SWING TING live Groovement cast at 6pm BST

Hoya Hoya
Magical Properties
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