Preview: FINEST EGO UK/IRELAND ft Danny Drive Thru, Darkhouse Fam, Om Unit, Kelpe, Huess and more

Release: “soon”


Already sounding like comp of the year, this is forthcoming on the illustrious PROJECT: MOONCIRCLE label. Put together by recent Groovement guest LAURENT FINTONI (Rhythm Incursions), it acts as a snapshot of the best established and up and coming producers around today.

The release also represents the variety of sounds (that need no genre definition!) going through these guys’ heads.

Title Artist
01 Punta Skala Don Leisure
02 Beat Imperial Kelpe
03 Black Gestapo Danny Drive Thru
04 Survivor Seagull Mansion
05 Ode to Vomitea Grey School Naive Ted, Mikey Fingers & Vince Mack Mongrul
06 Wotchagonnado Mr Beatnick
07 Baby Love Mr Healan
08 Drink Don’t Drive Huess
09 Where Is Everyone Darkhouse Family
10 Oi Stalker Benjamin One
11 Clever Carl Ean
12 Roll Dat T-Woc
13 Feel It All Now Soosh and Gards from KC
14 On 2 You Bobby Tank
15 Dr Funkenstein Arp 101 & Om Unit
16 Seanie’s Beat Eomac
17 Slide Away Jay Scarlett
18 Naiad Om Unit
19 Lost Consonants Lapalux
20 Sweet Vixen S Type
21 Spaced Sound Species
22 Woe Betide Them Melodica Deathship
23 Off The Burn Sert One
24 French Vanilla Monky
25 Tribal Colors Eliott Yorke (Royalty)
26 Blurry Dream fLako

Have a listen to Laurent chatting about the comp on Groovement:



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