Review: OFWGKTA // Manchester Academy, 11JUL11

“Manchester Was Fucking Tight. Awkward Tho, I Fucked Up Syds Shit During BITCH SUCK DICK. It Might Be Broke Completely. Fuck. Fun Tho.” @fucktyler

Update: Pete Cannon, throwin’ it down at the front, catches the dry humping fiasco

There seems to be two schools of thought flying around upon the completion of Odd Future’s first Manchester gig. One, it was a landmark event in the style of the first time you saw the Sex Pistols or Public Enemy at their peak (no, not you, you’re too young). Two, it was okay and the start of something we can all look forward to. I’m going to sleep on it but I’m heading for two, straight up.

Tonight’s was an exceptionally well air-conditioned gig with ample warmth coming from the lights (which may have been the reason there were so many men in low cut vests with hairy cleavages and no socks), and perhaps this high level of care to our comfort was for the (older) back half of the room, watching from afar the chants and mosh pits the young ‘uns (and Pete Cannon) were stirring up at the front. Many a heart leapt when Tyler himself took to the stage, leg acast and just as funny as you’d expect him to be. I wouldn’t have minded just listening to Tyler rant for two hours actually.



As it was, the crew ran through a good selection of Odd Future beats, and the crowd was more than receptive to everything they spat out. All present on stage held it down, with DJ Syd over in the back swinging her arms about just as much as everyone else. Most of the stuff sounded a bit shit/raw as you’d expect with the minimalism of WG production, but the mics were crisp enough. The Academy 2’s a weird one to be honest, and definitely my least favourite of the four venues. Those of us that were there out of curiosity more than anything else I think were treated to a ball of energy right up to when Tyler jumped on to DJ Syd’s table, humping it and breaking the laptop in the process. So ensued the above 7 minutes of no music, with a circle pit starting off for the final call to arms of Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School – a double bluff on their part, because shouting those lyrics just sort of weakened the climax of the night. Come on, yes it’s meant to be funny but I’m not the NME.

Having sold out within hours of going on sale (and tickets going for a half decent £30 rather than anything more ridiculous from the touts), expectations of tonight’s gig were flying all over the place. To be fair to OFWGKTA, they’re not being presumptious or cocky about their gigs over here, with Tyler tweeting about being nervous or how good a gig’s gone. They were really fucking nice, actually, which makes them all the more deserving of the success they’re having. More power to them.

One other thing: Golf Wang T-shirts with the eyeless kittens were a good call and damn sick, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy one.  Maybe next time, when I’ve lost the socks.

Some fan footage:


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  • 13 July 2011 at 10:53

    hahah, I’am not that old, top top gig though wasn’t it. I have a video of tyler jumping on his dj’s laptop and trying to fuck it, real hip hop right there son.
    Pete Cannon

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