Label Focus: UGLY BOY MUSIC (Chile)

Donde?: Santiago de CHILE
Quien?: Mcfly. Gunjack. MashupTV. The 13th Tribe. Wild Hadess. Geoslide. Khain74. Nais Williams. Rich Heebner. Dbit. Dufrayne. Echo Park.

ECHO PARK is the alias of  LA-born Brian Gibbs, soaked in soul at a young age and filtering it through a NES cartridge, first in Japan via a series of twelves and now in Santiago, Chile. UGLY BOY MUSIC is his new label and they’re dropping a compilation, available digitally, this Friday. It’s a great primer into the Chilean beatmaking underground which, frankly, I should know a hell of a lot more about being half Chilean and all.

Find out about his All City release from last year here.

Echo Park blog.

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