Download: ALPHABET’S HEAVEN // Jay’s Odyssey

This is a story in the style of old PS1 and Megadrive platform games… Jay starts off in a garden, and by meeting some fractured and fragmented characters journeys to alphabet’s heaven.

It’s a look at the computer games Alphabets spent years playing; the jagged structure of them, and the kind of mindspace you find yourself in after directing a blue pixellated hedgehog for 5 hours.

KING DELUXE is a label out of Salmo, British Columbia, with artists spanning the globe. ALPHABET’S HEAVEN’s LP presents some mashed up and mind-melting blended sounds, the sort of which we like very muchly. Download the album at a low quality for free here and buy the full version here.

Jay’s Odyssey by king_deluxe

1. Blue Garden
2. Walk On
3. Squuaares
4. Woman (feat. Alessi’s Ark)
5. Jung
6. Devil
7. Frank
8. Darma
9. All Night
10. Laaazerrrs
11. Elizabeth (feat. Jo D)


Agent J aka Jamie Groovement: writer, host, DJ and teacher. @jamiegroovement

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