Download: ∇NKNOWN SHΔPES // If I Should Die EP (via BLUE DAISY)

▽nkown ShΔpes – If I Should Die EP

∇nknown ShΔpes – If I Should Die

∇nknown ShΔpes – IGP Riddim

∇nknown ShΔpes – Shapes and Stars

∇nknown ShΔpes – The World Keeps Turning

∇nknown ShΔpes – Used To Give A FK

BLUE DAISY done released a free download today… AND IT’S SCHTONKIN.

Download If I Should Die EP

BLUE DAISY he say:
Okay so I found a new musical outfit that i’ma be promoting and managing next year. This is called Unknown shapes written like
∇known ShΔpes …

2011 will be the beginning of their musical journey and i’ma put in the work as the unknown collective’s manager.. : )


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