Download: NEKO NEKO Orange Side of the Moon

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world ever is that weird time when the moon goes a deep orangey yellow. It seems to last for a couple of minutes, and when you check again later it’s fobbed it off, gone higher and whiter. Something mystical about it, like Ricicles (can’t find them anywhere!)

Which brings me to Neko Neko. A thoroughly nice gentleman and all round good guy, Neko has been making beats for a while: I first saw his name over at MIND ON FIRE. His tunes aren’t overstuffed, but layered with emotive pulls and pushes which reflect a wide taste in influences.

Orange Side of the Moon is his first LP proper: get this downloaded now then check out more at his music page.

Neko Neko website

Orange side of the moon by Neko Neko

DL 320


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