Preview: LORN Nothing Else (Brainfeeder)

A lot of people have been waiting a long time for this, the first album from Brainfeeder wunderkind LORN. Click on the image below to hear his new stuff on the myspace page. Album out JUNE 7TH 2010.

LORN Portrait by Nathan Osterhaus:

The second album on the Brainfeeder imprint and blessed with the natty product number BF007, LORN already has an international following proliferated by a series of tracks and remixes. Raw and heartfelt, this is massively dark music for the summertime.

None an Island
Army of Fear
Void I
Void II
Glass & Silver
Cherry Moon
Greatest Silence
What’s the Use

Some past greatness from Lorn, including the great White Zombie remix – More Human Than Human was a MASSIVE track for me when I was ickle!
Lorn Production Remix Reel by truant


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