Valentine’s ruined! Musiq Soulchild and friends shown the red card…

…and it wasn’t in the shape of a heart.

Now I was never going to make the dress code (as has been kindly pointed out to me) but I’m sure there were a lot of disappointed heads in Manchester this Valentine’s weekend when this gig…

…turned out not to happen. Aside from the fact you’ve paid £30 for a single ticket, be safe in the knowledge that all your hard-earned has now ended up in this bloke’s pocket, Mr TicketMania… here follows a statement from the Musiq Soulchild camp (all is (sic))

To all European fans in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Netherlands, Copenhagen and Sweden.
On behalf of Musiq Soulchild, his manager, band & crew. We send our sincerest apologies on the cancellation of shows during Valentine’s day weekend 2010. Because of the Promoter, Terence Reid and His company TICKET MANIA FOR NOT BOOKING PROPER FLIGHTS AND TRANSPORTATION.

Musiq was scheduled toperform in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Netherlands,Copenhagen and Sweden follow their performance in London on Feb 12th.

Prior & upon Musiq’s arrival into London there was an immediate problem with transportation
from the airport to the hotel. The bus driver at the airport informed management that he didn’t receive payment for his services from the Promoter, Terence Reid.

Fortunately for all three Artist, they were able to make and perform at the Brixton Academy in London.

Musiq was ready willing and able to perform in all of the above cities.

After being told by the promoter, Terence Reid that transportation from London to Manchester would be set for 7:30am on the morning of Feb 13th Musiq Soulchild & his crew along with Avant and his crew checked out of their rooms (a total of 25 people) waited in the hotel lobby for 13hrs with no place to go until Musiq paid for rooms for his Band and crew that were supposed to be provided by the Promoter in all cities. Mr. Reid did not arrive to the hotel where he left 25 people stranded with no apologies, no concerns for the Artist and his Band who were thousands of mile away from their homes.

Terence Reid DID NOT PAY for the transportation to OTHER cities, AND CLAIMED THAT HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO PAY FOR BUSES AND FLIGHTS. HE cancelled shows while management for Musiq & Avant where emailing the venues trying
to save the shows.

In addition Terence Reid accepted money from all venues in Netherlands, Copenhagen and Sweden that was supposed to
provide Travel for Musiq Soulchild and his crew, which was NEVER given to Musiq to arrange travel leading to those shows being cancelled.

In addition Ticket Mania .com was selling false meet and greet tickets for £80 £100 and £120 which the promoter never set
up with the Venue nor Musiq Soulchild

This is unfair business practices!!!!!!!!

We feel that the actions of Terence Reid and his company Ticket Mania needs to hear from all our fans and ask for your full refund. PLEASE pass this message on!!

www.ticketmania.co.uk ruined what was supposed to be a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend.

Terence Reid is a dishonest man who made business promises to Musiq Soulchild and his
fans that he did not keep

We’re asking every one to Protest against Ticket Mania (Ticket Mania is a company that sells Ticket to events in the London UK)

Musiq will personally make a video message with his personal apologies within the next week.

We’re asking every one to Protest against:


[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

UK Mobile: 7809395228

UK Fax
# 2085031221

Fax # 2085031221

Luvanmusiq Touring Inc.


  • akeelah

    I am sorry that that happened..And I am glad to know that Musiq and all are safe..it must be scary for them being that far away from home and not really knowing what’s going on..I hope everyone gets their refund from the ticket agency..if nothing was paid..then they should still have it..

  • Marilyn

    As above… Just so sorry that this happened, but again relieved to know that Musiq and all are all safe and well. Having seen Musiq in Birmingham we knew from the outset that he is a man of quality, standard and talent and would definately not let the fans down at such short notice. Was well disappointed – our seats were on the 6th row – I was gonna jump up on stage and sing ‘Take you there’! I would definately pay again, maybe next year Musiq! God bless. M x

  • Arthur

    Really annoying this. Drove from Southend-on-Sea to Birmingham. Time, fuel and hotel costs incurred. Got dressed and everything and was running on the way to Alexandra Theatre only for someone from TicketMania to call and say the show was cancelled! Got the call at 6.45pm for a show that was billed to start at 6.30pm!

    Apart from all that, ticketmania customer service is rubbish. Got to the theatre and the manager was very apologetic and courteous. He said those that had bought tickets from the box office or from Ticketmaster would be receiving automatic FULL refunds within 7 days. They even had posters to that effect. He even offered us a free drink…..same courtesy from TicketMania? No chance!

    On the phone the lady was rude and said she had loads of other people to call. The said they need me to return the tickets for a refund. I protested that it was pointless and would cost me money but basically I had to send the worthless pieces of paper back via Special Delivery (£4.95) or I’d get nothing. The was no understanding or empathy to our predicament. To make matters worse she said my refund would be minus the booking and postage fee (£12)! I protested that other vendors were giving full refunds but was told that if Ticketmaster was willing to take a loss then that is their problem. I was promptly referred to the terms and conditions and dismissed. By the way, TicketMania were the MAIN ticket selling agent.

    So I sent the tickets back and called a few minutes ago to chase up my refund. Just been told that “the lady who does that only works on Tuesdays.”!! On enquiring how long a refund takes (minus my booking fee by the way), I was told the it would take 21 days….from when refund lady gets back….next Tuesday!

    Then I read this and discover the the show organisor and TicketMania are the same…..Talk about getting shafted!


  • Kimberly

    OMG…after reading this, I was somehwat relieved to know I wasn’t the only one going through the nightmare! So, I composed the following email…


    Never in my life have I been so disappointed and horrified by an organisation like yours! I bought Musiq Soulchild tickets as a birthday present which ended up being a total waste of money – outfits, travel and time! Luckily, I was informed by a friend in Manchester that the concert was cancelled and therefore didn’t make my way to the theatre. Nevertheless, I received a call (half an hour after the concert was due to begin) from one of your operators who was extremely rude and unsympathetic to the whole matter. I have now been calling every Tuesday from the 16th of February, only to be met with hostile and incompetent customer service representatives. Syreeta Mcqueen is whom I have been asked to liaise with concerning the refund and she has been of no use or help to me. Why she is working there can only be a mystery as she has been extremely unprofessional in her approach and demeanour. She has never called me back after our first and only conversation on the 23rd of February. Not only has it taken me time to try receive my refund (of which I am LEGALLY entitled to within 21 WORKING DAYS), but money accumulated from mobile phone bills! I would like to ensure you that I am not the only person aware of your poor (to say the least) customer service – https://www.groovement.co.uk/2010/02/valentines-ruined-musiq-soulchild-and-friends-shown-the-red-card/ , and I will ensure LEGAL ACTION is taken against your organisation which I have the right to do stipulated in the Customer Rights UK regulations. I will be expecting my refund within the next week and if I do not receive it, you SHALL be hearing from my solicitor very soon who will be representing not only me, but other customers who you have decided to mistreat and neglect.

    Oh, and btw…I’m yet to receive my refund!

  • sara jayne

    I was dissapointed and very upset due to the fact the tickets were a present and I’m sure we have all lost money but it is unfair to call names especially when we do not know the full story lucky enough I have found out the other side and have to stress it wasn’t all down to mr t reid. I absolutely love musiq but I was at the hotel and overheard conversations so I know exactly what was going on. Donell seem to be the only person willing to support and perform to his fans unfortunately this could not happen as he was not the headliner. I obtained my refund and syreeta was very helpul and well mannered! She had over 4000 people to deal with and can only follow procedures set in place so I feel its wrong to slander. I admit it has taking a long time to speak to her but when I did it was a breath of fresh air so be patient people and don’t base your anger on published rumours some of it may be true but there is a whole lot of details missing. I have been a longterm customer of ticketmania and will continue to use them only because they have been good to me in the past and I have always got my tickets and enjoyed all the events and because the staff have been really friendly. Unlike other agencies. I am still angry about the cancellation but hopefully we can see them next year! Stay blessed people and don’t give up you will get your refund! Sara

  • Kimberly

    LOL…’Sara Jayne’, who you kidding? It’s rather a coincidence that you know such explicit details about the matter when you’re supposedly an innocent partaker of the events. I mean, how is it you know all this information when I cant even get Syreeta to organise my refund? You’re probably the only person who’s received their refund. How is it you managed to overhear the conversation and at the hotel and claim to know…’exactly what is going on…’??? Sounds to me like you know a little too much! Then maybe you could tell me when it is you think I’ll get my FULL refund back as you seem to know all other details.

    I think I’ve been far more than patient in this matter and glad to hear you’ve always had a great service from Ticketmania, but I can assure you that you are probably the only one! http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews-all-244851.html#tabs-menu…this link will prove to you exactly that! Maybe you should also ask them to hire a proper PR person (instead of creating false profiles) to deal with such issues – I have a feeling this would be a good investment considering their reputation!

    ‘Sara’, if by writing this you’re expecting to gain some sort of sympathy, you are very misguided in your endeavours. If someone is being paid to do a job they should do it! A company is expected to provide a certain level of services of which Ticketmania have obviously failed to grasp the basic concepts of. Oh, and tell Sara, oh I mean Syreeta I’m still waiting for her call…

  • sara jayne

    Kimberly I have been polite and don’t appreciate your comments. I was in the same boat as you just maybe had a better attitude and manners when it came to obtaining a refund.I didn’t understand the last part of your comment “sara oh I mean syreeta???” Sounds to me your against the people you want to help you?? I was just giving you some advice but seems your against everybody and that the world revolves around kimberly! I hope you do get your refund and I’m sure you will but you and I debating won’t change the fact we didn’t see the show so I believe in karma no bad feelings from part! Have a good day!

  • Arthur

    Just an update on this fiasco.

    Today is the 30th of March and I am still to receive a refund from TicketMania 6 WEEKS after the show was cancelled. As above, they have had their worthless tickets (sent at my cost via Specia Delivery) since THE 16TH OF FEBRUARY! I have been calling them every Tuesday for THE LAST 4 WEEKS as the lady who does refunds ONLY WORKS ON A TUESDAY. What kind of business is this?!! They weren’t only working on a tuesday when they took my money were they?

    Over the last 4 weeks she has either been gone, in a meeting or not coming in today. No-one else will even listen to you. TicketMania are a disgrace…..what a way to run a business.

    Oh, just been reminded that booking fee is non refundable…….they can **** off!!

    Sorry everyone, I’m had enough of this company.


  • Kimberly

    WTF is wrong with you? You know exactly what I mean, don’t play dumb! How is it you’ve tried to help me?? Listen, just give me my damn refund. I have a right to be furious with whoever I want to be furious with. Especially when I’ve paid for a service I never received and it’s taken MONTHS to get my refund back. I spoke to Syreeta who said I’d get my refund on Sat 27th but low and behold – I ever did! I’m tired of this BS. You’re right about Karma, and for sho it aint coming to me – I aint the one withholding peoples money and deceiving customers am I?!

  • Alex

    Sorry to see that it’s not just me thats been had by these complete jokers.

    Here is a break down of my dealings with them so far:

    Tickets bought at £55 each (inc booking fee) in November ’09.

    Tickets arrived 2 days before the event after me having to call them in the week to check why they had not come, talk about cutting it fine!

    14/2/10 – event cancelled.

    24/2/10 – tickets sent back via recorded delivery.

    3/3/10 – Date ‘Syreeta’ claimed she had received my tickets.

    14/3/10 – This was the first promised date set for a refund, not a sign of anything.

    Then I discover the whole palava with “you can only speak to someone about a refund on a Tuesday”

    16/3/10 – I speak to Syreeta about why my refund was not there on the 14th. She claimed there was a systemp processing error or some nonsense like that. She then tells me she has reprocessed my refund and that the funds will GAURANTEED be in my account my 31/3/10. I warn her, if theyre not I’ll be straight back on the phone to you the following Tuesday, which she said wouldn’t be necessary as the funds would be there!

    31/3/10- 2nd promise of refund failed. No suprises there.

    6/4/10 – I speak again with Syreeta after trying to track her down all day. She tells me that the funds have definetely left their account and that taking into account bank holidays over easter, the funds would be in my account within 5 working days. Again, bugger all!

    13/4/10- I’m back on the phone (I am extremely persistant as I refuse to write off over £100 to these clowns!) and Syreeta claims she has allocated yet another refund date for the 16/4/10. This turns out to be quite a long conversation as I demand an explanation for her comical promise of “the money has left us and will be in your account”. Credit to Syreeta, she is good with her words and almost convincing! I don’t know how she sleeps every Tuesday mind you after spending the whole day incessantly lying to people. She told me that I wouldn’t need to call the next Tuesday as I’d have my money, but if not, she would process a ‘manual refund’ which apparently she could give next week but not on this occasion?

    Guess what, the 16th of April has been and gone and I still have no money. On the 20th (today) I have spoken with her and been told she was checking her files in order to begin proceedings for a manual refund for me and that I would be called back, first at 8, then 9. Was I called back, was I bollocks!

    Luckily I’ve kept all my statements, phone bills, a log of dates/promises and issued Ticketmania over 2 weeks ago that if the matter was not resolved I would be taking legal action. Which is where I will be starting as of now.

  • Lee

    Everything said by Alex in the comment above is exactly the same as whats happend to me.
    I refuse to let these idiots take my hard earned cash, so screw speaking to that bitch and her crew of idiots, every tuesday. I am starting legal action and have been advised by trading standards/consumer direct to send a letter (not e-mail, because email address does not exist) to ticket mania, outlining the issue and all the other problems you have encountered with them (you’ll prob need a few sheets).
    also add in that there has been a breach of contract under the Supply Of Goods and Services Act, therefore Time Is Of The Essence and I request that you refund my money within 7 days of recieveing this letter, otherwise I will have no further communication with you on this matter and will be, with the assistance of trading standards/consumer direct looking to persue the matter through civil means.


  • Kimberly

    DAMN! This shenanigan has gone on too long! I got advice from consumer direct, sent the letter (via recorded delivery), and have processed documents and sent to my local council office who will take the matter further – assuring me this will go to court. I am adamant to take these fools to court! There’s no way they should get away with it – no way in hell!

  • Alex

    I am very grateful for this site, it’s a good thing we’ve all been able to discuss our problems. Thankyou for the advice Lee, all the best to anyone who is taking the matter to the small claims court, as I am. I think what they are hoping for is people to get sick of ringing all the time and not getting anywhere and just give up. Some people out there will, but for me £102 is just too much to write off. I will also be trying to claim back the cost of my weekly phonecalls to them!!


  • Alex

    I’m happy to add that I have finally received my refund, on the 29th April, over 2 months after sending the tickets back. Persistance should pay off in the end, keep on their case by ringing every week til you get thru! I reccomend asking Syreeta for a ‘manual refund’ and for confirmation of that to be faxed to you.


  • Kimberly

    Lucky you! I’m still trying but will continue to do so.

  • Kimberly

    Just been informed Syreeta has gone on holiday for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHH…

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