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Preview: Hoya Hoya label releases from Blue Daisy and Altered Natives

The Hoya Hoya label stirs from its slumber with two follow ups to its March release from James T Cotton aka Dabrye. HOYA005 comes from long time Hoya affiliate/punter/performer Blue Daisy (whose Unknown Shapes moniker saw some early exposure on Groovement) and is on an epicshit tip (also see this for more on this genre), chronicling the story of an

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Manchester’s third and London’s seventh “official” Dilla parties hit on the weekend of Feb 1st, kicking off what has become Dilla month, celebrating his birthday and commemorating his death. Whatever you think of the annual Dilla onslaught, and whatever you make of the Foundation selling off his vinyl on eBay, we’d *probably* all be complaining if there was no commemoration.

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Download: JON K x FACT

I started going to Friends and Family monthly to hear Jon K. He advised me weekly on which records to buy at Fat City, the record ship. I missed out on Eyes Down, his night he ran pre-FandF, but get to hear him kill it now at Hoya Hoya on a monthly basis. I’ve never heard anyone name his a

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