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Download: TORUS // YARD SALE EP (Sonic Router Records)

Sonic Router Records are celebrating the anniversary of their launch with a free/pay-what-you-want EP from Dutch producer Torus, who was the first artist they released, and it is a corker. The first track, 2mrrw, sets the picnic blanket out perfectly with a lovely blissed-out vibe, which, sadly, is not very suited to what’s going on outside right now… but we can dream, right?

Things get a little meatier by the time Shallow Depth comes around, then come full circle with the remixes. Dream Koala‘s 2mrrw remix is similar, but paradoxically, completely different to the original; a morose drone which sits opposite its companion, glaring at it. By which I mean it’s good.

Go get it, and see what I’m on about… and do pay something, even if it’s a quid:

WATCH: Alphabets Heaven – Birthday

Alphabets Heaven – Birthday from diplodok493 on Vimeo.

Check this nutsoid video for Alphabets Heaven‘s track Birthday, taken from his Siamese Burn EP on King Deluxe. It’s cool; lots of effort has gone into matching the animations to the song (and it is a song – I was gonna post about this EP, and Jonny’s production skills in general, but Oli at Sonic Router did a far better job). Make it go in your eyes and ears AT THE SAME TIME and feel feelings yeah? X

LISTEN: Blackjob – Trashdub Remixed EP

A lot of talent has been pulled together for Original Cultures‘ third release, a remix package of Blackjob’s Trashdub EP. The original, a chilled out dubstravaganza (an wot), gets twisted by the different styles of the remixers while managing to retain its dub roots. Don’t take my word for it, have a listen…

PREVIEW: Zanshin – Swings & Roundabouts EP

Zanshin, out of Vienna, follows up his earlier release of the awesome Muddle In The Middle/Cloud Atlas two-tracker with the Swings & Roundabouts EP (which also, slightly confusingly, features Cloud Atlas), dropping March 11th on Affine. Low End Fairy’s a belter. XLR8R has a free download of the aforementioned Cloud Atlas, an urgent, ravey shuffler evoking wisps of Blame’s Music Takes You (1:20 onwards)… See what you think.

LISTEN: Sieren & Lomovolokno – Project: Mooncircle Faces Vol4

The fourth in Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego‘s Faces series features the sounds of Sieren and Lomovolokno, the art of Bioniq, and is bloody lovely. According to the press release, “one was inspired by naive childhood memories of imaginative creatures seen floating in the nighttime sky, while the other looks into an uncertain future that holds the anxiety of a fresh start but also the ever present risk of failure”. While that’s not what I got from it, you might have more success… Snippets below.

DOWNLOAD: EclipsemoonsunVIP – Danny Drive Thru ft. L-Digz


Here’s a free download of something I’ve been meaning to share for ages; the VIP version of Eclipsemoonsun, featuring Ellis Meade AKA L-Digz. I’m really happy with how he approached it, and I’m glad to finally let it out in the open… Hope you likey!

PREVIEW: Original Cultures & Zoooriginals #1

Dope new project from Original Cultures & Zooo Print & Press, in which a visual artist designs a 7″ picture disc, and two producers take a side each. First up is Ericailcane’s design, with beats by Daisuke Tanabe & Jealousguy. Daisuke’s beat is trap as only he could do it; Jealousguy’s side is a bit more hype. Preview hurr…

If you so desire, you can catch both Daisuke Tanabe (as half of Kidsuke with Kidkanevil) and Jealousguy at a hep joint near you – click for dates (Manchester date is 21/11/12). Make sure you grab one of these limited 7″s, ‘cos once they’re gone, THAT’S IT BUDDY BOY (or girl)

NEWS: King Deluxe Launch Julien Mier Remix Competition


Canada’s King Deluxe label are holding a competition to remix either of a lovely pair of tracks by Julien Mier; ‘Watercolour Sky‘, or ‘Glide, Sail, Float‘ featuring the delightfully-named Myrthe van de Weetering. The winner goes on Julien’s next vinyl release, plus any worthy runners-up will make it on an extended digital release.

The last time the folks from King Deluxe did something like this, it was for their awesome 2999 project, featuring a ton of great artists including Slugabed and Groovement favourite Alphabet’s Heaven.

Click on the art above to find out how to enter…

LISTEN: Laurent Fintoni’s Brooklyn Radio Mix


Impresario extraordinaire Laurent Fintoni has gone and done a corker of a mix for Brooklyn Radio. Pretty blunted selection featuring a bunch of illness from his label Original Cultures, plus tons of unreleased/forthcoming bits (because he’s one of those guys) from acts like Fulgeance, Danny Scrilla, SertOne, Bolts, Throwing Snow, personal favourite Yosi Horikawa, and the eagerly-anticipated Kidsuke project. And one of mine. Well worth a little over an hour of your time, and who knows, you might find summat you like…

LISTEN: Mr Thing’s NERD IS BOND Mixtape


Another masterclass from the excavator (deckscavator?) that is Mr Thing, brought to you by the Doctor’s Orders folks… Lovely mix containing a fraction of the gems he’s constantly unearthing; an educational entertainment, or entertation as I’m not ever going to call it again. Check this if you’re a fan of his earlier Champion Nerd mixtape, and while you’re at it check Thing Thursdays, his Ustream show for The Funhouse. If you love hip hop (and all its surrounding forms) and you’re not checking one of the world’s greatest in the comfort of your own home for free, you might want to look at your priorities nah mean…