Video: DELS // You Live In My Head

“This simple, graphic animation is an exploration of form and colour
in relation to sound. I was interested in giving sound a graphic
and physical presence. The animation aims to show how sound and image
can compliment each other and can evoke a deeper focus from the viewer.”


Taken from the forthcoming ‘Black Salad’ EP which will be released on Big Dada on 26th November.

Pre-Order on 12″ vinyl & DL at the Ninjashop:

1. Black Salad (produced by Eli. T and Kwes)
2. Bird Milk feat. Bila (produced by Kwes)
3. Not Today (Produced by Raisa K & Thomalla)
4. Sell by Date (produced by Coby Sey)
5. You Live in My Head (produced by James Spankie)

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