Groovement Podcast: GRILLO x GROOVEMENT // 29OCT12

Listen on Mixcloud (stream below), iTunes (here) and direct download: grillo_x_groovement


Grillo hails from Milan, Italy. I’ve been following his work since the first of his Street Fighter II beat tapes (I Had You Ken), but there’s much more material you can find on the link below. Grillo describes his work as ‘bass with a heavy boombap influence, lo-fi glitches and a definite chiptune flavour’.

He hosts a weekly show, Bubblegum Beats, on the highly regarded Space Invader Radio.

Grillo’s Groovement mix features lots of his own work (tracks from new album A and some unreleased stuff) plus some tracks from this neat Multi Music comp, out last week.

Download Grillo’s back catalogue

Grillo x Groovement Tracklist


grillo – Amiga (rejected remix)

grillo – Antifreeze

grillo – Alternate

Rudy Zigadlo – Russian Dolls

Digi G’Alessio – Disco Zambra Colossius Remix

Herobust – Bandana Pancakes

Mimosa – Diamond Bracelets

Robot Koch – Milan

Erykah Badu – On&On Grillo Remix

Kelpe – Bags Of Time

Slugabed – Mountains Come Out Of The Sky

grillo – SJ

grillo – Okigame

Flying Potus – GYEA

Flying Lotus – Putty Boy Strut

grillo – Empathy

grillo – Return

OL – Makemefeel feat Lapti

grillo – Flame Bl

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