Belleruche have been a mainstay of Tru Thoughts since the dropping of their album Turntable Soul Music in 2007. It was the fastest selling debut LP in the label’s history and hit a nerve in the record buying community with its ‘handmade hip hop blues soul’ compositions.

Forming in London in 2005, the band grafted hard to release a series of 3 limited 7” records on their own Hippoflex Recording Industries label before signing with Tru Thoughts, selling the vinyl at gigs and over the web.

Groovement caught up with the band at the Roadhouse in Manchester and reflected on selling records, consuming music and life fourth album in.

Addendum: They ended up winning the Rebel Playlist vote for BBC 6 Music. Big up!

Rollerchain is out now.

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Turntable Soul Music (Tru Thoughts, 2007)

The Express (Tru Thoughts, 2008)


Rollerchain (Tru Thoughts, 2012)


270 Stories (Tru Thoughts, 2010)

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