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The latest offering from Jenome ‘The Further Adventures of Radio Doom EP’ is a 4 track EP that Jenome describes as:
“The sewing together of musical history to create sound wormholes within the moment. Built using a combination of space age technology,
deleted vibration tools, extreme listening, blindfolded timing, catacomb exploring and various vinyl clusters.”
Jenome is a Producer and DJ based in Liverpool. In 2007 Canteen Records released the track ‘Lost Colours’ on the compilation ‘Welcome to the Canteen’ which featured some of the UK’s finest Hip Hop artists of the last 20 years. Jenome is influenced by Space, Time, Multi Dimensions, Painting, Poetry, Robots, Cats and Music – producing a unique Science Fiction style Boom Bap Hip Hop that is handy for a good bounce or a modicum of pondering on the sofa.

The Further Adventures of Radio Doom EP is available for download here:

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