Preview: ILLUM SPHERE // Dreamstealin’

Photograph Shaun Bloodworth

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Out today on legendary label Tectonic. Also includes INDIGO on the remix tip for the B side.

Boomkat say:

Supremely strange and heavy new single from Illum Sphere backed with a smart Indigo remix. A-side ‘Dream Stealin’ forces through a vortex of acousmatic voices and severely warped electronics before spurting into breathlessly high-velocity rhythms, narcotic drones and finishing with a cyber-boogie resolution. On the flip ‘Blood Music’ is more stable, engineered with a twitchin’ 2-step bounce, embedded with more serene choral voices and a Fly Lo-esque sense of psychedelia. For us, the best thing here is Indigo’s sterling rework of ‘Blood Music’, seckling the drums into darting clusters of hi-tech funk but maintaining a darker, more midnight-tempered ambience and restraint. We can’t wait to hear his new tracks for Exit! Definitely the oddest thing with heard from Illum, recommended!


He just bloody churns them out and they’re all booty shakers. STAR SLINGER aka Darren Williams has his bags all packed, toothbrush and all, with mini jets attached to his APC to fly off to the States tomorrow for a tour with BATHS. A massive Groovement shout to Darren, and here’s hoping he makes all the connects he deserves (I know he’s coming across Shigeto at some point…).

Download the ROGUE CHO PA EP right now, and check out the Star Slinger website for more free goodness.

Video: N.E.R.D. // Nothing EPK


N.E.R.D. recorded with LUPE FIASCO in Manchester? This is madness. It’s right here in the electronic press kit (EPK) for the LP Nothing. I really loved N.E.R.D when they first came out – even down to the tissue paper packaging in the CD and the hidden geek culture elements of video gaming and the Vulcan salute. I was jazzed when they deleted the album, after such a massive single with Lapdance, to re-release it with a live band doing the tracks instead of full on computer production – a brave move, I thought, an alternate-reality take with tracks even changed round in order. But nothing they ever did since then really caught my attention. Maybe I was just getting old.

Via Soul Culture.