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Groovement Podcast – Agent J: Close Your Eyes (Dec 2014)

GROOVEMENT – AGENT J: CLOSE YOUR EYES // DEC 2014 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud


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Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)
Levelz – LVL07
Graphs – Posthuman
Weekend Money – Break Spinal ft Well$ and Kool A.D.
M.O.P. – Broad Daylight ft Busta Rhymes
Joey Bada$$ – No. 99
J-Felix – 101 Reasons
Lee FIelds and the Expressions – Just Can’t Win (Marco Polo Remix)
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – P.I.M.P.
Verckys et l’Orchestre Vévé – Cheka Sana
Batida – Chat With Mr. Ochieng ft Nelly Ochieng
The Expansions – Aubergine’s Escape
El Michels Affair – By The Time I Get To Phoenix ft Lee Fields
Nick Andre and E da Boss – Nobody Knows ft Ryan Greene
Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy (DJ Total Eclipse remix)
Axel F – Superman Remix ft Pok, Krondon, Phil The Agony
Voodoo Black – Cassius Clay
DistantStarr – A Little Starr
Bop Alloy – Hottest Christmas on Record
Black Milk – What It’s Worth
Sameer Ahmad – F.451
Charles Edison – Trenches
Kinetik – Whole Life Ahead Of Me
Git x 1Mt ft Inspectah Deck & Ransom – Lyrical Warfare
Motivado – Montecarlo

He’s the man @killermikeGTO

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An hour waiting outside in the rain like a teenage fan paid off the other night when Run The Jewels hit Manchester. I’ve interviewed both El P and Killer Mike before separately, but this was all about getting the vinyl signed. The lead in track to today’s podcast is the Zack de la Rocha-featuring Close Your Eyes, in honour of El P’s hilarious ‘Ladies and gentleman, Zack de la Rocha! before bringing the track to a dead stop and Mike calling him an asshole. The instrumental leads into it solely to justify my purchase of the quadruple LP including instrumentals (albeit at a discount price thanks to Manc hip hop legend Dave Ruf!). I also took the opportunity to pass on meows from my own cat recorded as WAVs for the Meow The Jewels LP, which luckily hasn’t been made yet. Look how happy El Producto looks with my contribution!

  #meowthejewels   A photo posted by Agent J (@jamiegroovement) on

Sticker sheet from RTJ vinyl.


I’ve been waiting a year exactly for this debut release from Manchester super-group Levelz, and they just dropped the video last week. It will be available as a free download in the new year. They’ve been getting a lot of love from BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, so I’m happy to be able to present the track here too. Correction to podcast: Beat by Biome. Additional production by Metrodome, Skittles, Rich Reason and Zed Bias. Production from Rich Reason and Jonny Dub was for the video.

Out this Monday is Graphs’ debut EP on Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label – head over to the Bandcamp and buy everything if you haven’t already done so. Check Graphs’ older material over at Ground Mass.

The Weekend Money (aka Ne$$ and Baghdaddy) track is an extended version of one from their Freddie Merkury project and can be downloaded on their Soundcloud.

M.O.P. also ripped up a Manchester stage recently…

Here’s one from their new release, Street Certified, featuring Busta.

And another one! Joey Bada$$ and Statik Selektah played at Manchester Academy a couple of weeks back, contributing to a busy month for hip hop in the city (Afrika Bambaataa, featured on last time’s episode with the Mighty Mocambos, also played at the Roadhouse). No. 99 is from his debut LP proper, B4.DA.$$, due out in January.

101 Reasons leads J Felix’s debut release on Tru Thoughts, and also features a former Label Groovement track, Lady T. Think of a more boom-bappy Dam Funk.

Lee Fields makes two appearances on this episode, first here with the Marco Polo remix of Just Can’t WIn, a track which label Truth & Soul opened up to a remix comp won by this version from Benzeena.

The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, birthed from Hamburg’s Mocambo Records and readying their debut LP for Brooklyn’s Truth & Soul, re-released the 45 of P.I.M.P. recently and will be touring the UK in April – look out for a Manchester date at the end of that month.

Batida’s second album, logically entitled Dois, is a Lison-melting pot banger and available in a variety of formats from the dons at Soundway Records.

Shouts to keysman Dave Koor from the Gene Dudley Group, who put me on to his crew The Expansions. This is from a nice white 45 which you can grab yourself from Bandcamp on a cinematic funk tip.

El Michels Affair stuck out a 10″ or archive tracks entitled Loose Change last month; this one is their version of By The Time I Get To Phoenix with Lee Field’s second appearance this episode. Brief but beautiful. 1000 only, grab it here or here.

Over to E da Boss from Myron and E who gifted me this nifty clear flexi disc he did with Nick Andre. There’s a video:


I’m fairly sure those terrible-sounding hi-hats are deliberate on this Total Eclipse (of the X-Ecutioners) remix of Ghost’s Mighty Healthy, so don’t blame me for those. Proper good remix, though!

The Axel F album from J Rocc and MED came out in November. You can grab the 320s from Juno or head over to iTunes. There is a vinyl edition in existence also.

axel f


Download Voodoo Black’s Outsauced EP below, featuring emcees Ellis Meade, Sparkz and Dubbul O.

Manc label My First Moth have just put out DistantStarr’s The Vibe EP, featuring production from Buscrates, Mecca:83 and Hudson Mohawke.

Bop Alloy’s Winter Breaks is a free download here and you can stream it below. The duo is made up of Marcus D and Substantial.

October’s If There’s A Hell Below from Black Milk was a reflective, multi-layered album and What It’s Worth was a standout.

Montpellier’s Sameer Ahmed crafts some beautiful stuff and only appeared on my radar recently. I recommend his new one, Perdants Magnifiques.



Essex lad Charles Edison‘s atmospheric productions can be heard in long form on his debut Lightbulbs. Here’s a recent interview for Groovement. 


Kinetik’s new one is very personal – check the lyrics and buy the track here.

Download Git’s track with Inspectah Deck here:

Polishing things off this time around is Santiago, Chile’s Motivado with this groovy monster from the free EP Pegamaentos Vol 2. Find it over at Discos Pegaos, which as far as I know is also the label’s first vinyl release.



Thanks for listening, catch you next time.

december groovement

Groovement Podcast – Agent J: Scramble (Dec 2014)

december groovement

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Knicks Remix ft Action Bronson, Joey Badass, Ransom
Chairman Maf – You and Me
J Rocc – Fire Dancer
Rene Costy – Scramble
The Mighty Mocambos with Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk & Deejay Snoop – Hot Stuff
Ghostface Killah – Emergency Procedure ft Pharoahe Monch
De La Soul – The People ft Chuck D
Elaquent – She Hates Me
Son Little – Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches
Wu Tang Clan – Ruckus in B Minor
Your Old Droog – You Know What Time It Is
Gappy Ranks – Sheriff (Murlo remix)
Red Eye Hi Fi – Raise The Alarm ft Fox
Mecca:83 ft Jneiro Jarel and Doc Mastermind – Viberialude
Marcus Intalex – These Days
Dub Phizix and Strategy – Buffalo Charge
Deft – Drawn
Johney & 0h85 – The Show
Thelonious Martin – September
Prodigy & Boogz Boogetz – Queens
Def3 – The Truth ft Shad & Skratch Bastid
Mr Oizo – Bear Biscuit
Colonel Red – The Me
Matthew Larkin Cassell – Heaven
Sweater Beats – Rain Dance
Mecca:83 – Detroit Twilight (feat Emanative & Buscrates)

GROOVEMENT – AGENT J: SCRAMBLE // DEC2014 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Probably not the last podcast I’ll get done this year but have been itching to get this latest one done and out. Here’s a rundown!

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Kicking off with the mighty Madgibbs aka Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – the new 12″ contains the remix of Knicks from Piñata featuring Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ and Ransom as well as instrumentals, a bonus Madlib beat and the track Home featuring BJ The Chicago Kid. The Knicks remix segues nicely into something from Sheffield producer Chairman Maf, whose new album PAINT will be available soon on his Bandcamp. Check his previous, 1976, here.


Cassette artwok PAINT

The third release on the 45 label Originals is Jay Dee’s Fuck The Police together with its main sample, Rene Costy’s Scramble. Straight after that The Mighty Mocambos (who have the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band album out in 2015 on Truth & Soul) with regular collaborators Afrika Bambaataa and Charlee Funk. Grab that 45, Rolling Stones cover Hot Stuff, here – but be quick!

hot stuff

Ghostface Killah, fresh from last year’s collab with Adrian Young, has worked with soul band The Revelations for his new album 36 Reasons for a great live sound. This one features Pharoahe Monch.

De La Soul’s The People is a free download featuring Chuck D – read more here.  Elaquent put up this Kelis interpretation on his Soundcloud and at the time of writing it’s still a free download.

I was humbled and lucky to meet up with Son Little last week in Manchester’s Soup Kitchen where he was supporting Curtis Harding  for Now Wave. Previously going by Aaron Livingston, he was the soulful voice on The Roots’ 2011 album Undun and was also one half of Icebird with RJD2. He’s got a catalogue of past work but is branching out under a new name with Anti- Records. You can read my interview with him in the forthcoming January 2015 issue of Now Then magazine. Download the EP Things I Forgot here.

The new Wu Tang album, A Better Tomorrow, is receiving a bit of a panning. I can see where those reviews are coming from, but Ruckus In B Minor is good and there’s definitely a leaf from the Adrian Young school of sound being taken. The album, in typical fashion for this lot, isn’t out until around April on vinyl. I love the line about pulling your drawers up.

The Your Old Droog album is a good listen, here’s a little more:

Swing Ting resident Murlo tears down his remix of Gappy Ranks’ Sheriff (available on Gappy Ranks meets Dub Club on Stones Throw), and leads nicely into another Manchester fixture in the form of Fox with Red Eye Hi Fi.

The retiree Mecca:83 (whom this podcast is dedicated too – thanks for the inspiration, man!) appears twice on this podcast, here briefly with Jneiro and Doc Mastermind and again to close proceedings. Please go and check all his music here and here.

Marcus Intalex has provided this stunner for Doc Scott’s 24 track Future Beats comp – it’s coming out on 6 x 12″ and digi which you can order here.  Buffalo Charge from Dub Phizix and Strategy is also out on vinyl, including an etched tribute to Salford John in the run out groove. The video just won ‘best’ at the DnB Arena awards – congrats!

Deft has a beautiful new EP out entitled Blue Jasmine, that’s a white 12″ on Project Mooncircle. The JOhney and 0h85 track is the first on the Smaze LP from Ground Mass Music (out now for free or pay-what-you-want), whom I was turned onto via the Graphs EP on Cosmic Bridge Records.

Thelonious Martin delivers some Apollo Brown-style beats on his new album Wunderkid while Prodigy and Boogz Boogetz have the Young Rollin’ Stoners project out now. Canada’s Def3 has a dope new album out featuring Shad (as heard on this podcast), Kay The Aquanaut, Moka Only and more.

Mr Oizo’s The Chuch, on Brainfeeder, is as mind-blowing as you’d expect. The below video, featuring John C Reilly, is definitely not safe for work.

HAM from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

The Colonel Red EP, Make Life Good 4 U, will be out on vinyl and digi in late January on Apollo, a sub-label of R&S Records.

matthew cat

Matthew Larkin Cassell’s Complete Works, featuring Heaven as sampled by Madlib, is out on Stones Throw. Rain Dance is from New York’s Sweater Beats EP Cloud City.  As promised above, Mecca:83 sees us out with one of my favourites from Life Sketches and his new compilation, Ain’t Done Too Bad.

Thanks for listening – all feedback appreciated! I know the volume levels were a little uneven on this episode, I’ll do my best to maximise consistency next time around. In a bit – J.


Groovement Podcast – Andrea Trout: Acting Up 18NOV14


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Fresh from spinning with legends Cymande, Amp Fiddler and Nightmares On Wax, Groovement famalam Andrea drops in with some sounds she’s feeling right now.

Brook Benton – Rainy Night in Georgia
Bobby Womack – Dayglo Reflection ft Lana Del Rey – XL Recordings
Muki – Funky Sofa (Mr Scruff Remix)
Amp Fiddler with SLy & Robbie – Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black)
Secret Stealth – The Ted Rogers EP Stealth 3
Roedelius – Puente (Peaking Lights Version)
Dego and Kaidi – Acting Up (On Shit That Don’t Count)
Shalamar – Friends
D-Train – You’re The One For Me (Labour Of Love Mix)
Jay W. McGee – When We Party (Uptown, Downtown)
Annie – The Greatest Hit

Andrea links:
Facebook Twitter Mixcloud

Andrea Trout: Acting Up 18NOV14 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

andrea jamie

Past Andrea Groovements:

Andrea Trout by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 17.43.59

Groovement Podcast: Motion Sickness – A Mix For Now Then by Agent J


The new issue of Now Then Manchester is out now digitally, and can be read here.

I’ve done a mix for this issue to accompany the mag and articles I wrote therein – an interview with Neal Sugarman of the Dap-Kings and a review of the Grimmfest horror festival.

I wrote a blurb about the mix here.

Download (bottom left)

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Motion Sickness: A Mix For Now Then by Agent J by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud


Groovement Podcast: Gravement 2014 ft Wolfcop, Starry Eyes, Zombi, Maniac and more…

gravement 14

Soundtrack shenanigans! Some newer stuff from the likes of Wolfcop, Let Us Prey and Starry Eyes (all of which I caught at this year’s Grimmfest) plus some VHS twaddle and classics from the likes of Goblin and Carpenter.

I’ve never laid claim to coming up with the Gravement pun, that was Danny Drive Thru.  Have a listen to the 2014 selection below…
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Oh and yes, those are Groovement Cat’s teeth.


GROOVEMENT // Fingathing / 6DEC10 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

GRAVEMENT – DANNY DRIVE THRU // 30OCT12 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

GRAVEMENT // 31OCT11 by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Gravement 2014

William Keuker – Satan War: Black Mass Pt 2

Dana Kaproff – Chiller: Main Title
Goblin and Gianni Dell’Orso – Hell Of The Living Dead: Opening Titles
Simon Boswell – Demons III The Ogre: Opening Titles
Das Yahos – Cannibal Hookers: Main Theme
Elmer Bernstein – An American Werewolf In London: Suite
Bear McCreary – The Walking Dead: Main Title Theme (UNKLE Remix)
Raekwon and Ghostface Killah – Legal Coke (Suspiria)
Evil Ebenezer and Factor – Wolfcop: The Wolfcop
Rob – Maniac: Doll
Goblin – Zombi: Supermarket
Goblin – Zombi: Main Title
Alessi – Ghostbusters: Savin’ The Day
Jerry Goldsmith – Gremlins: Gremlin’s Rag
Stuart Lynch – Let Us Prey: Rachel’s Theme
Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson – Room 237: To Keep From Falling Off
Jonathan Snipes – Starry Eyes: She Is Ready To Transform / Kissing Tracy
John Carpenter – Halloween II: Laurie’s Theme
Franz Waxman – Bride of Frankenstein: Main Title
Jospeh LoDuca – Evil Dead: Chorus Theme
Cesar Devlla-Irizarry and Charlie Clouser – American Horror Story: Theme
Pino Donaggio – Don’t Look Now: John’s Vision (Laura’s Theme)
Henry Manfredini – Friday the 13th: Main Theme
John Carpenter – The Fog: Main Theme
William Keuker – Satan War: Black Mass Pt 1
Franz Waxman – Bride of Frankenstein: End Titles

Gravement 2014: A Soundtrack Spectacular from Agent J by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Ain't No Time 2

Groovement Podcast: Andrea Trout – Ain’t No Time {Part 2}

Ain't No Time 2


Andrea sees off the end of a late summer with her latest soul selection.
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Andrea Trout: Ain’t No Time {Part 2} by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You – Arista
The Futures – Ain’t No Time Fa Nothin’ – Ariola
George Benson – Love Ballad – Warner Bros
Two Tons o’ Fun – Just Us – Fantasy Honey
Rahsaan Patterson – So Hot – Dome
Patrice Rushen – Number One (Instrumental) – Elektra
Slave – Just A Touch Of Love – Cotillion
Omarion – Entourage – Columbia
Mr Scruff – He Don’t ft Robert Owens- Ninja Tune

More selections from Andrea

Andrea’s Mixcloud Andrea (Trout) Ahimie-Carthy
Andrea Twitter
Andrea Facebook
Groovement Twitter
Groovement Facebook


Groovement Podcast: The Soul Twins present a Groovement 45 session

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Groovement 45s: The Soul Twins (Aug 2014) by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

45 minutes of soul 45s! 

Jeff and Stuart Parish have been staples on the Manchester music scene for years, holding down ‘soul, hip-hop, disco, house, funk, Northern, reggae and all the bits inbetween’. They’re also two of the soundest guys about, with a real passion for hearing and collecting good music, not just playing it. I’m well chuffed to have got them to do a 45s special for Groovement. 

Check their own podcast out at

Catch them on Twitter as and

Soul Twins
Soul Twins

Groovement Podcast // Mr E: Riot Jazz Vs Taste The Diff’rence Boat Party Mix (Soundwave Croatia 2014)


Following his frankly awesome 1 4 Neymar Groovement mix, Mr E returns with his set from Soundwave Croatia 2014’s Riot Jazz vs Taste The Diff’rence boat party.

Photo: Pippa Rankin
Photo: Pippa Rankin

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Download (bottom left)

Incidentally, I’ve recently created some Groovement Mixcloud playlists – have a listen to Mr E’s past selections there.

Mr E: Riot Jazz Vs Taste The Diff’rence Boat Party Mix (Soundwave Croatia 2014) by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 20.36.36

Groovement Podcast: Awesome Mix Vol 1 – Agent J Version (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 20.36.36Inspired by Star Lord’s (mum’s) Awesome Mix Volume 1 from the Marvel movie of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy. Versions, originals and samples of tunes from that selection, in a Groovement style. 

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The original, Awesome Mix Vol 1, is available on iTunes here…
guardians awesome mix

Awesome Mix Vol 1 – Agent J Version (Inspired by Star Lord) by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

While I’m here, make sure you check out Matt Ferguson’s work over at Cakes and Comics (the Guardians stuff is over on Facebook). I’m a big fan of his.


GROOT Matt FergusonSTAR LORD Matt Ferguson

Jonathan King – Hooked On a Feeling
Jungle Brothers – Good Newz Comin’
John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillun
Brazzaville – Moonage Daydream
10cc – I’m Not in Love
Paul White – A Quiet Place
Pete Rock ft. Papoose – Comprehend
Mike WiLL Made It – I’m Not In Love (ScHoolBoy Q Feat. Yung Joey)
Esso Trinidad Steel Band – I Want You Back
Finger 5 – I Want You Back
Redbone – Come and Get Your Love
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – Get Up And Have A Good Time
Hendersin – The Great Escape
Kanye West – White Dress
Brand Nubian – Ooh Child Ft Aisha Mika
2Pac ft Dave Hollister – Keep Ya Head Up
Curren$y ft Pharrell – Chasin’ Papers
Nina Simone – Ooh Child
Fat Joe ft Mashonda – Listen Baby
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Future Head ReEdit)

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 13.06.25

Groovement Podcast // Andrea Trout: Ain’t No Time {Part 1}


Download // Mixcloud // Subscribe on iTunes

Andrea Trout returns to Groovement HQ of a summer’s evening with a bag full of soul wax…

Andrea’s Mixcloud
Andrea Twitter
Andrea Facebook

Andrea Trout: Ain’t No Time {Part 1} by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Vanessa Freeman – Dawning of a New Day – Chilli Funk
Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street (Danny Canaan Soul Mix) – Joe Boy
Rayko – Broadway – Lumberjacks in Hell
Sunshine Anderson – Heard It All Before (The QSO Mix) – Rebtuz
Amp Fiddler – Hope (Transatlantic Mix) – Genuine
Krystal Klear ft Jenna G – Addiction – Rinse EDIT (FADE EARLY)
Szymanski – Undeniable You (Let Me Be The One) – Omoa Music
Roy Davis Jr – Gabrielle (Live Garage) – Large
Ebo Taylor – Peace On Earth – Phillips