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Groovement Podcast // Groovement 45s: Agua Con Sal

An all-Latin affair for the second Groovement 45s sessions – 45 minutes of funk and soul!


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Bronx River Parkway ft Jose Parla – La Valla – Truth & Soul

Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada – Ora Como Rey, Mañana Como Güey – Freestyle

Una Mas Trio – Son Montuno – Agogo Records

Ralfi Pagan – Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (4 Hero Bossa Reprise) – Fania

Jazz Juice – Nuevo Latino – Freestyle

Jungle Fire – Comencemos (Let’s Start) – Colemine Records

Bugalu Foundation – One Man Woman – Kushti Records

Orchestra Harlow – La Cartera – Fania

The Soul Fantastics – El Mismo – Soundway

Abel Lima del Iles Du Cap Vert – Nos Maos – Soundway

Bronx River Parkway ft Zoe Velez – Agua con Sal – Truth & Soul

Banda Los Hijos de la Niña Luz – Dejala Corre – Soundway

Eli Goulart E Banda Do Mato – Mestre André – Unique Records

Señor Soul – It’s Your Thing – Chopped Herring Records

Groovement Podcast – Groovement 45s: El Mensaje

groovement 45 mensaje
Spinning with Myron & E last week at Band on the Wall gave me a bit of a thirst to record a strictly 45s podcast – I’ve decided to make it an ongoing series  within the podcast series, just to confuse you.

Each one will be roughly 45 minutes long, with strictly A or B sides of 45s only. Many will sound crackly… no chat on this one, just tunes.

Recorded 12th July 2014.


Groovement 45s: El Mensaje by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

The Rollers – One Little Piece – Deep City Records

Kicking off the podcast because it’s amazing. The Numero Group put this 45 out around the same time as their album collecting tracks from the Deep City label.

Conrad Jackson – Come Back With Me – Sonic Wax Records

A single-sided record – as a lovely bloke the other day said to me, one side’s all you need when a tune is that good. Smooth, bass-heavy and soaring.

Myron & E with The Soul Investigators – If I Gave You My Love – Stones Throw Records

I was lucky enough to warm up for this Stones Throw vocal duo last week, look out for the interview on here soon. I grabbed this one at the gig, where they had the Gene Dudley Group as their backing band and blew us away while Germany were killing Brazil 7-1.

Quetzal – Give Something – Favourite Records

From Onra and Quetzal’s four track Tribute EP. One of my favourite tracks, ever. The sample is Creative Source’s version of You Can’t Hide Love. Ridiculously, when Onra first came to Manchester in 2009, I ran up to him telling him how much I loved it, only to have him point to the back of the record and explain that they hadn’t made the tracks collaboratively, it was solely Quetzal’s – which is obvious if you read the credit. He’s circled it with a smiley on my copy.

Hielo Ardiente – El Mensaje – Ximena Records

A gift from Jungle Fire, an amazing version of the Cymande standard with spaced-out organ.

Abel Lima e Les Sofas – Corre Riba Corre Baxo – Sofrito

Recorded in Paris in the 70s and issued last week by the always-amazing Sofrito. Click the link to find out more.

Charles Bradley & Larose Jackson – Luv Jones – Dunham

Hot pink vinyl! Can you hear it? Kicking off Daptone’s coloured vinyl mission as they count down to their 100th release, this is actually on Tommy TNT Brenneck;s Daptone subsidiary Dunham.

The Rance Allen Group – I Got To Be Myself – The Gospel Truth Records

Gospel Truth was an imprint of Stax, and the Rance Allen Group incorporated rock sounds into soul… they were still active recently, check the site. Reason To Survive is actually my favourite track of theirs, which I heard on DJ Oneman’s (not the Rinse Oneman) mix Cadillac Wax  for Names You Can Trust back in 2004.

Leroy & The Fabulous Rocking Soul Band with Al Glover & Gloria – Til The End of Time – Plut

Just wow. Reissued by Jazzman here.

Lo Steel – Music – B&J Records

A re-edit of Samuel Jonathan Johnson’s My Music by Daz-I-Kue, with added vocals from Lo Steel. Riduonkulous breakdown towards the end.
The Intruders – Memories Are Here To Stay – Philadelphia International Records

You might know this one from RJD2′s forlorn 2002 12″ Here’s What Left, or most probably recognise it in Common and Bilal’s The 6th Sense.


The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby – Truth & Soul Records

Another one of those that always gets someone coming to ask what it is. Standing out on the album as a loner (the rest is fairly fast paced psych soul), Baby is a wedge of sad soul. Written by Daniel Collas, who was a true gent when I hooked up with the band at the Deaf Institute in Manchester.  Although this 45 was on T&S, the album was released on Tummy Touch.

El Combo Chimbita – Puro Show – Names You Can Trust

Released in April of this year by NYC, available on their Bandcamp. El Combo Chimbita are an offshoot of Colombian New Yorkers MAKU soundsystem.

The Johnny Otis Show ft Barbara Morrison – Hey Boy! I Want Ya’ – Jazz World Records

Shuggie Otis’ dad. My copy of this 45, Hey Boy! I Want Ya’ / Nigger, Please! has the labels reversed. It looks like this track never featured on any album. This blog has a little more info.

So, that was fun. Any feedback appreciated – hit me up on the contact form above or Twitter!

Commentary inspired by the Air Adam podcast.

Groovement Podcast // MR E: 1 4 NEYMAR

1 4 neymar

So moved was Mr E by Neymar’s injury on Friday, that he went off and recorded a podcast with a Brasilian theme for Groovement. Enjoy!


Mixcloud iTunes (forthcoming) Download

Mixcloud: Mr. E


AbJo- My Lawd!

Tall Black Guy- Em La La Terra

Dexter- Last

Tall Black Guy- Sexci Senhora

wun two- toucan

Flatpocket- Wartemarke

Hi-Tek- Theme From Hi-Tek

Karriem Riggins- Summer Maddness S.A.

Dibia$e- Brazilian Lady

Question- Una Nota

Arthur Verocai- Balada 45 (Jneiro Jarel Like A Brazilian Girl Remix)

Metal FingersPassion – Flower

Souleance- Vem Jogar

Jneiro Jarel- Indigo Eden

AbJo- Barumba

Jay Dee- Daylight

Tall Black Guy- Espaço de Brasil

Phife Dawg- Ben Dova

A Tribe Called Quest- Jam

Exile- IN LOVE

Pete Rock- Marching On

Jay Dee- Rico Suave Bossa Nova

Dr Who Dat- Braziliant Thought

Madvillain- Raid


Mr E: 1 4 Neymar by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


Groovement Podcast: Agent J, June 2014


JUNEDownload // iTunes (available later today) // Mixcloud

Agent J: Groovement June 2014 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Bacao Suave
Victor Jara – El Arado
Bobby Womack – I Can Understand It
Souleance – Vem Jogar
Lost Midas – Head Games ft Audris
Charles Edison – Bitstorm
Ana Tjoux – Somos Sur ft Shadia Mansour
Ibibio Sound Machine – I’m Running (Nya Fehe)
Roses Gabor – Rush
The Colonel – What You’ve Gotta Do
The Lions – Revelations (Alphabet City Dub) ft Black Shakespeare
Slugabed – Another Chance 2k14
Henri Pierre Noel – “Afro-Funk” Groove
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Kiyomizu-Dara
Charles Bradley & Larose Jackson – Luv Jones
Akira Ifukube – Godzilla Main Title
Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD – Six Degress ft Danny Brown
Om Unit & Danny Scrilla – Gentrification
Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers – It Sure Is Funky
Neko Neko – Where
Neko Neko – Where (Fulgeance Remix)
The Shaolin Afronauts – All Who Pass By
Samrai vs Mad Lion – Concrete vs Love
Groundislava – October
Super Audio Time! – Game Of Thrones
Ellis Meade x Kydro – Manchester
Alpha Strongahh – Palabra
Alphabets Heaven – Everything Stays The Same
Fracture – Werk It
Pixelord – Portal
Mad Cobra – Di Baddest (Max Rubadub Blend)
God Knows & Mynameisjohn – Maroto
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Puro Rock
The Beta Club – Brassa Nova

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Bacao Suave

Out now on Truth & Soul Records’ Plane Jane imprint, the talent behind the steel pan monster that is PIMP (see Mocambo Records) return. The album’s due later this year.

Victor Jara – El Arado

Chile had just exited the World Cup on penalties to Brazil when I recorded this – this one’s for Jara, who hit the post. Victor Jara was, of course, one of the most important symbols of Chile for those that suffered during and after the coup. This one is from my mum’s eponymous LP, which is signed by Victor’s wife.

Bobby Womack – I Can Understand It

I woke up this morning to the news that Bobby had passed away. This is my favourite track of his.

Souleance – Vem Jogar

To balance out the football vibes – this is from Souleance’s new 45 on First Word Records.

Lost Midas – Head Games ft Audris

New on Tru Thoughts – large!

Charles Edison – Bitstorm

Looking forward to much more from this guy. I interviewed him here:

Ana Tjoux – Somos Sur ft Shadia Mansour

Because there wasn’t yet enough Chilean presence in this podcast. From her newest album Vengo, and featuring Palestinian rapper Shadia Mansour.

Ibibio Sound Machine – I’m Running (Nya Fehe)

What an amazing album this one is! One of Soundway’s ‘modern’ releases.

Roses Gabor – Rush

Out now on Girls Music

The Colonel – What You’ve Gotta Do

Mi bredren from Sheffield – catch him on Wednesday nights on The Bassment, Sheffield Live This one is from the Next Level EP, out here

The Lions – Revelations (Alphabet City Dub) ft Black Shakespeare

On the mighty Stones Throw Records, enjoying a period of high exposure at the moment owing to the film Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton. Try subscribing to their Drip site – you get each new release for a measly $10 a month. Loads of other labels on there too. The Lions I first heard on Ubiquity, and they continue to release strong business on their new home.

Slugabed – Another Chance 2k14

Confession – the original version of this tune, and the song the sample is taken from, are both guilty pleasures for me. Slugabed gives it a kick up the arse in his unique style.

Henri-Pierre Noel – “Afro-Funk” Groove

Henri-Pierre is still active in Montreal, and Wah Wah 45s are committed to releasing his early works – this is a stormer

Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Kiyomizu-Dera

My good pal Matt sees more exposure with each release, and this one is no different. I was pleased to hear Alex Nut playing another track from the new album, When The World Was One, on his Rinse FM show this morning. This is Matt’s first self-released vinyl LP, and you can purchase it here

Charles Bradley & Lerose Jackson – Luv Jones

I got the pink 45! These sold out pretty quick, the first in Daptone’s series of coloured vinyl counting down to their 100th release. This is actually on Daptone imprint Dunham, Tommy TNT Brenneck’s side label. It also serves as an intro to Lerose Jackson. Big tune.

Akira Ifukube – Godzilla Main Title

Coming out on Death Waltz Recording Company 16 July is the 1954 Godzilla OST. The second track is this – fierce, foreboding and intense.

Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD – Six Degress ft Danny Brown

I grabbed the 10″ of this today, a nice little jewel on Lex Records. It’s funny – when I interviewed Ghost a few years back he was still new to working with live bands. ‘I roll with the Wu Allstars,’ he told me – he wasn’t aware of the Truth & Soul crew El Michels Affair (despite having sampled their music) who later released Enter The 37th Chamber, but later worked extensively with Adrian Younge’s instrumentation for Twelve Reasons To Die. This sees him in fine form over Toronto’s BADBADNOTGOOD.

Om Unit & Danny Scrilla – Gentrification

From Cosmic Bridge’s first compilation, Cosmology, out 21 July.

Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers – It Sure Is Funky

From Strange Breaks & Mr Thing III, out now on BBE Records. Mr Thing was over here in Manchester last week for our final In The Loop club night – Groovement even got a shout out in the sleeve notes, don’t you know! This is the monster ‘steel pan record’ on the double LP, available here

Neko Neko – Where

Neko Neko – Where (Fulgeance Remix)

Neko Neko is my pal Graham from Manchester, who also featured on the legendary (!) Groovement Volume One comp. This one is on My First Moth and features remixes from Fulgeance and Claude – it’s a wicked tune, so I couldn’t help but play two versions. The single is called Between Two Cities Part 1, no doubt a reference to Neko’s transference from Leeds.

The Shaolin Afronauts – All Who Pass By

The third album from this crew is due out in Summer, called Follow The Path. This is from the Ojo Abameta EP, with an African twinge.

Samrai vs Mad Lion – Concrete vs Love

A recent giveaway from Manchester’s Samrai, one of the nicest guys, ever. Co-runner of Swing Ting, find more of his stuff on Soundcloud here

Groundislava – October Acid

Pursuing a more definite 4/4 style on this EP, and a world away from his first, 8-bit shenanigans. Here’s a little relevant interview

Super Audio Time! – Game Of Thrones

Apologies, I couldn’t resist. Air Adam put me onto this one last week, and I’ve just finished the end of season 3…

Ellis Meade x Kydro – Manchester

Two of Manchester’s finest — download the EP from Room 2

Alpha Strongahh – Palabra

The third Chilean connection on this podcast. Alpha Strongahh, aka Tecla de Oro, calls forward thinking label Discos Pegaos his home. A wall of noise with a relentless beat (this is good), Palabra is taken from his new, free to download, EP entitles Nuestroh. It’s the label’s 15th release – grab it here

Alphabets Heaven – Everything Stays The Same

Brighton producer who continues to develop his styles and sounds to wider exposure each time… this will be a 12″ on King Deluxe in ‘probably August’.

Fracture – Werk It

From the Loving Touch EP on Exit Records, available here

Pixelord – Sinking Ship ft Fifi Rong

Prolific Russian producer, linked with the amazingly-named Hyperbolid Records, whose first vinyl release is out now. Buy the t-shirt!

Mad Cobra – Di Baddest (Max Rubadub Blend)

Absolute badman conglomeration. Download

God Knows & MynameisjOhn – Maroto

Clare, Ireland to you. MynameisjOhn has been bubbling away with various projects over the last few years, all non-conforming music worth your while. Buy the album

Greenwood Rhythm Coalition – Puro Rock

On the fabulous Names You Can Trust label out of New York. Also check out La Mechanica Popular on there!

The Beta Club – Brassa Nova

Put together by Paris DJs and a slew of talent, including Shawn Lee and members of Jungle Fire and Mocambo. Cop the 45 here

Groovement Podcast: Chris Welch (Phuture Motion / Sounds Like This Radio)

Chris Welch (Phuture Motion / Sounds Like This Radio) // 11MAY14 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


Chris Welch: Groovement Mix // 11MAY14

Around the world and back to the UK, a new mix from Chris Welch (Sounds Like This/ Phuture Motion) covering soul, house, baile funk, afrobeat and more!  
Also at Banana Hill at The Night Kitchen (Sheffield 11th June) with Gilles Peterson, Funkineven and Werkha (Live) amongst others. Check Sounds Like This (Chris Welch & Danny Mager), Every Sunday 5-7pm 93.2FM Sheffield Live 
PHUTURE MOTION (Freestyle Records)

1. Jef Gilson – Lamento
2. Karriem Riggins – Summer Madness (Stones Throw)
3. Fatima – Ridin Round (Sky High) (Eglo)
4. Werkha – Sidesteppin (Tru Thoughts)
5. Ye Mighty -Paint the town (First Word)
6. Ninetoes – Finder
7. Thatmanmonkz feat Dnae – Burnin up (Shadeleaf Music)
8. Osunlade – Dionne (Yoruba)
9. Paul Woolford – Can’t do without you (Phonica)
10. Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyidonge Drums (Brownswood)
11. Karol Conka – Caxambu (Mr Bongo)
12. Broso – Garinagroove (White)
13. Chris Finguz – Send the message on (White)
14. Ibibio Sound Machine – Let’s Dance (Soundway)
15. Zed Bias – Heavy Water Riddim (Digital Soundboy)
16. Tessela – Hackney Parrott (VIP Mix) (Poly Kicks)
17. Orquestra Imperial – Cair Na Folia (IZem Mix) (Mais Um Discos)
18. Todd Terje – Svensk SS (Olsen Road)
19. Sons of Kemet – Inner Babylon (Vince Vella Dub) (Naim)
20. Karol Conka – Boa Noite (Mr Bongo)
21. TNGHT – Higher Ground (Ninja Tunes)
22. DJ Rashad – Broken Hearted (Hyperdub)
23. Ice Cube – It was a good day (Instr.) (Def Jam)
24. Jungle Fire – Comencemos (Jungle Fire)
25. Gilberto Gil – Todomenina (Tahira Edit)
26. Uproot Andy – El Forastero (Worldwide Ting)
27. Quantic – Entre Rejas (Tru Thoughts)
28. Mo Kolours – Little Brown Dog (One Handed Man)
29. Little Stevie – Sunset (Motown)

Groovement Podcast: Watch Deez – Smoked Steaks & Ice Cream


A hip hop and soul head all day long, Gez Miley is a music lover with taste. His blog, Watch Deez, is his outlet and I’ve asked him for a choice selection for Groovement – he hasn’t disappointed.

He says, “There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to the selection here. The majority here is Hip-Hop but with a little soul in the centre of the mix. 

Just a few of my favourite artists and a lot of tracks that I listen to often from years back. A mix of old and new side by side. Honestly, this playlist could’ve been four hours long so it was difficult to shorten it to a little over an hour. 

It was a pleasure putting this together for Groovement. Music fans first.”



Watch Deez: Smoked Steak & Ice Cream by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Track listing:

1. Skyzoo – The Opener 
2. Mood – Info For The Streets 
3. Mobb Deep – G.O.D. Pt. III (Cookin Soul Remix) 
4. L’Orange & Stik Figa – Smoke Rings 
5. Finale – Motor Music 
6. Ratking – Canal 
7. Onyx – Raze It Up 
8. Asamov – Standing Room Only ft. J-Live, Wordsworth & Cassidy 
9. Naughty By Nature – Written On Ya Kitten (QDIII Remix) 
10. MC Lyte – Ice Cream Dream 
11. The Doppelgangaz – KnowntchooTahLie 
12. Nas & Jay Z – The World Is Yours/Dead Presidents/Where I’m From (Live at Coachella) 
13. Miles Bonny – Salmon Steaks 
14. Raphael Saadiq – Different Times ft. T-Boz 
15. The Revelations & Tre Williams – I Forgot To Be Your Lover 
16. Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall In Love 
17. crumb – Walkman Flavour 
18. The Cool Kids – 88 
19. Shad + Skratch Bastid – Homie ft. Cadence Weapon 
20. MED – Can’t Hold On 
21. Cormega – Sleep Well ft. Dwele 
22. Tanya Morgan – All ‘Em ft. Outasight 
23. Big L – MVP (Tom Caruana Remix) 
24. Devin The Dude – Cooter Brown 
25. The Beatnuts – Look Around ft. dead prez & Cheryl ‘Pepsi’ Riley


Groovement Podcast // Agent J: 21APR14


Mixcloud iTunes Direct download


Agent J: 21APR14 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Loads of new stuff with a sprinkling of a couple of classics for a change. Bits from Kidkanevil’s new LP, Be, Esgar, Charles Edison, Jesse Futerman, Essa, Taylor McFerrin, Anushka and many more.

Be – Don’t Want
Kidkanevil – Shunkanido
Xiomara – So Fresh, So Clean
Killer Mike – Boonies (Prod by The Alchemist)
Los Charly’s Orchestra – Rediscovering the Big Apple (Cy Gorman & Ennio Styles Remix)
Kelis – Runnin’ (Machinedrum Remix)
Amerigo Gazaway – Definition of Infinity feat. Talib Kweli
Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell
Michael Jackson – Human Nature
SWV – Right Here
Eric Winston Orchestra – Dr. Who
Rory More – Misty Atoll
MICK + Outkast – Funkin’ Around
Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot (Kartell Remix)
Taylor McFerrin – The Antidote feat. Nai Palm
Womack & Womack – Teardrops
Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know
VesperTown – Royal Flash
Esgar – Havoc
Hidden Orchestra – Flight (Mungo’s Hi Fi Remix)
Kid Smpl – Ja
Rome Supreme – Take You Higher
Teddy Pendergrass – Love TKO
Writers Guild (Mr. Miranda, MC Pennywise, RoQy TyRaiD, Random aka Mega Ran) – Where Did They Go?
Anushka – Atom Bombs
Essa – Prayers Of A Non-Believer ft. D.Ablo
Charles Edison – My Name Is
Jesse Futerman – Santiago (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
J Dilla – Give ‘Em What They Want

Groovement Podcast // Agent J: 9APR14


Brand new music on a hip hop, soul and beats tip. Presented and mixed by Agent J (me) – let me know what you think over on Facebook or Twitter (#groovement).

Download and listen on iTunes // Mixcloud // direct download

Agent J: 9APR14 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

00:00 Apollo Brown – The Answer
00:55 Nightwave – Luxor (Big Dope P Remix)
03:53 kidkanevil – Oyasumi
07:41 Cook & Kuartz – Night Train
09:42 Born Allah & ERule – Dub Fritterz
11:25 Amerigo Gazaway – Ms. Fat Booty
15:33 Max Rubadub and General Trix – Sweet Like You
17:52 Paper Tiger – Air (SertOne Remix)
20:44 Raphael Attar – Always Wanted To Be
25:02 Sleepin Giant & Romaine Smith – Hey Girl
29:12 Tek.lun – Ridin’
31:45 Ghost Hunter – ARP Monastery
32:19 45prince – Dubble Trubble
35:58 De La Soul – The Pitch
36:57 Saun and Starr – Hot Shot
40:42 Horndogz – Movin’ on ft Ty , Breis & Peeda
41:26 DJ X-Kutz – Cormega Feat. Mobb Deep – Killaz Theme II (DJ X-Kutz Remix)
45:50 Dubbul O & Pro P – Look Up In The Sky
49:25 3X3 – One Night Only
50:53 Nas, Q Tip and The Roots – One Love (Live on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon)
56:38 DZA – Sakura
1:00:38 LA77 – Antibiotic
1:04:36 Homeboy Sandman – White Sands OUT NOW
1:06:16 Queen Latifah – UNITY (Claude Rework)
1:10:04 Samrai feat. Mr Fox – Let It Ride (feat. Mr Fox)
1:13:39 Fatima – Ridin Round (Sky High)
1:21:43 Noelz Vedere and Freddie Gibbs – Out of Focus
1:23:19 Mo Kolours – Little Brown Dog
1:27:26 Trees – What´s Left
1:29:46 Lee Fields – Magnolia
1:35:51 L’Orange – Man of the Night (feat. Erica Lane)

Groovement Podcast: Iñigo Ugarteburu

iñigoListen: Mixcloud iTunes


Groovement is pleased to welcome a selection from Iñigo Ugarteburu into our podcast collection. Iñigo resides in London (before that, Manchester for a time – but San Sebastian was previously home): his compositions tread genres hazily, a hypnotic concoction that conjures up folk jazz stylings incorporating field recordings and acoustic bliss. His first album (‘Back&Forth’ on his own label Talo) and follow up EPs have seen solid support from the likes of Tom Ravenscroft and Cerys Matthews.
His musical tastes are wide-reaching, with a particular penchant for African music of various styles – as heard on this Groovement episode.

Track listing:

Mammane Sani -  “Bodo (81)”

Ogassa  – “Avale”

Guellewar – “Wollow”

Itadi – “Peace and Freedom”

Jingo – “Fever”

T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – “Hwe Towe Hun”

William Onyeabor – “Something You Will Never Forget”

Dr K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings – “Noble Kings (Yako Aba)”

Iñigo Ugarteburu // A Mix For Groovement by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


Groovement Podcast // Andrea Trout: 42



Andrea Trout: 42 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

Life, the universe and soul. Andrea kicks off her first podcast of 2014 for Groovement.

DJ Day and Miles Bonny – Skyy Can You Feel Me
Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love
Helen Baylor -Oasis
Cameo – Candy
Bucie – Get Over It
Fatima – Family
Andrea/Agent J chat
Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaking Even
Phyllis Hyman – Tonight You And Me
Ebo Taylor – Peace On Earth
Change – Let’s Go Together


Catch Andrea spinning at Soul Train this Friday if you’re in Manchester!