Kuartz: Lofi Scrolls

Lofi because Kuartz only went and ripped this one from cassette! Following his sold out vinyl album Shurikens (sometimes it’s good to sell out in hip hop, right?) Kuartz unleashes

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Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver OST: Chase Me from Danger Mouse, Run The Jewels & Big Boi

  DOWNLOAD AND STREAM THE SINGLE Danger Mouse’s own imprint, 30th Century Records, will release the OST for Edgar Wright’s new film, Baby Driver, on 23 June. Spaced and Shaun

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On Wax / MONGRELS release Attack The Megalith remix EP

MONGRELS – Kid Acne and Benjamin – follow up their very excellent debut LP Attack The Monolith with an equally flavourful remix EP of 8 tracks from the album. The

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sub sage

New Music / Subculture Sage: Happy Like The Sunking Feat. Illaman

Summery business from UK crew Subculture Sage with the first single from their T A K E 3 E P, featuring Illaman. The EP’s out 26 May.   facebook.com/SubcultureSage twitter.com/subculturesage

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Shabazz Palaces: Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines illustrated record

Shabazz Palaces have announced a second full album of new material to join their new LP Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star, entitled Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines. Both are

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J.Chambers / Moment of Silence II : The Road to Perdition

BUY MOMENT OF SILENCE II ON ITUNES J Chambers is not one to hurl out new music without giving it a lot of thought, and this new project has been

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Premiere / Straight Outta Brompton – Dat Brass

“We wanted to add some aggression to a song, and the only time we felt truly angry was when cycling – gangster rap seemed like the only way to vent

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Groovement Interview / Charles Edison wakes up to catharsis

  I Can’t Hear Them by Charles EdisonDownload the single I Can’t Hear Them from Bandcamp, or stream on Apple Music and Spotify.  The album Waking Up will be available 8

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Mothership Connection / This Train Goes To Junkleberry Junction & Kydro Interview

Manchester’s #1 hip hop label, Room 2 Records, have pushed out a fresh baby this week in the form of a new EP from supergroup Mothership Connection. Cheech, Dubbul O,

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Groovement Interview / Karriem Riggins for Bonafide

Headnod Suite has not been out of my ears since its release a few weeks back. I spoke to Karriem for Bonafide magazine – peep the full interview here. Headnod

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