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Chali 2na returns to Manchester with live band this Wednesday 1st October

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 19.32.18One of the nicest guys in hip hop hits town on Wednesday evening, to perform with his full band, following a tip top J5 gig at the Academy in June. Support comes from Probot the Mighty and Too Many T’s.

Grab your ticket here or see if the Groupon deal is still valid here.

Listen to Chali’s latest Manphibian Music tracks below and check out more at

Here’s our chat from last time he was in town (also readable at Now Then magazine here) below.

For more Jurassic 5 goodness, catch my interview with Cut Chemist in the latest print issue of Bonafide magazine, available in newsagents now with Madlib and Quas on the cover.

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Ain't No Time 2

Groovement Podcast: Andrea Trout – Ain’t No Time {Part 2}

Ain't No Time 2


Andrea sees off the end of a late summer with her latest soul selection.
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Andrea Trout: Ain’t No Time {Part 2} by Jamie Groovement Aka Agent J on Mixcloud

Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You – Arista
The Futures – Ain’t No Time Fa Nothin’ – Ariola
George Benson – Love Ballad – Warner Bros
Two Tons o’ Fun – Just Us – Fantasy Honey
Rahsaan Patterson – So Hot – Dome
Patrice Rushen – Number One (Instrumental) – Elektra
Slave – Just A Touch Of Love – Cotillion
Omarion – Entourage – Columbia
Mr Scruff – He Don’t ft Robert Owens- Ninja Tune

More selections from Andrea

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jbs proper copy

Manchester: JUNGLE BROTHERS + IN THE LOOP + KARMIC EVOLUTION // Band on the Wall 29 Sep 2014

jbs proper


Exciting times Monday as we (in the form of the In The Loop crew – DJ A-UP, emcee Bedos and myself) are warming up for the Jungle Brothers. It’s a Monday night, yes, but they’re obviously the new hip hop Fridays as eMC are also here in a month or so.

Buy tickets here, then go and buy some JBs. .

The don Karmic Evolution will also be performing on the night…


Anushka UK tour and free download: Atom Bombs VIP

atom bombsBrownswood’s newest signings are currently riding high upon the waves sent waving from the release of their debut LP, Broken Circuit (buy, listen to and download that here).

They’re hitting Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion on Friday 17th October as part of the D Tached vs Amen Brother  night (together with Pedestrian and Blu Mar Ten), and you can buy tickets for that here.

Download a VIP remix of Atom Bombs below.

Anushka Bandcamp Twitter Facebook

anushka tour

The rest of the tour dates are:

Sat 27 Sep 2014 – The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, UK / Tickets

Tue 30 Sep 2014 – The Shacklewell Arms, London, UK / Tickets

Thu 02 Oct 2014 – Audio, Brighton, UK / Tickets

Sat 04 Oct 2014 – Start The Bus, Bristol, UK / Tickets

Fri 17 Oct 2014 – Antwerp Mansion, Manchester, UK / Tickets 

Sun 19 Oct 2014 – The HiFi Club, Leeds, UK / Tickets

Fri 24 Oct 2014 – La Superette Festival 2014, Neuchatel, Switzerland / Tickets

Sat 01 Nov 2014 – Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium / Tickets

Tue 11th Nov 2014 – Buffalo Bar, Cardiff / Tickets

Sat 15th Nov 2014 – The Cellar, Oxford / Tickets 




New mix from Daisuke Tanabe for i-D magazine

Daisuke’s Soundcloud is here.

Daisuke Tanabe’s new album Floating Underwater is out now and available


Check another great mix from Daisuke, for Bonafide magazine, over at Original Cultures here.

The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland – With Me Tonight [Karaoke Kalk]
Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong – Circle has Begun (yorokobi humming) [Plancha]
BRAIDS – Ebben 1 [Arbutus Records]
Kohei Kawakami – Spin / [demo]
The Godz – The Mind [Base Record]
Linda Perhacs – Chimacum Rain [Wild Places]
hasymo – The City of Light [commmons]
Tortoise – Falls Lake (by Nobukazu Takemura) [Thrill Jockey]
seefeel – Crowded [Warp]
Christopher Willits – NOW [Ghostly International]
Young Wonder – Orange (Sun Glitters Remix) [Feel Good Lost]
Tycho – Awake (Ametsub remix) [ Ghostly International]
Shigeto – Ritual Howl [Ghostly International]
FaltyDL – Untitled 12 [Ninja Tune]
Daisuke Tanabe – Paper Planes [Ki /cat eat mosquito]

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 21.40.36

Interview and preview: SheBeKeke – Abecedarian EP

Entrenched firmly in Manchester’s creative community, Keke Thompson is a multi-talented artist and performer who’s lining up her debut, self-released EP.

First published as a poet at the age of 10, Keke has since been published in various antholgies and is a core member of Manchester’s youth writing groups Young Identity and Inna Voice. She’s opened up for the likes of Saul Williams, Amiri Baraka and Kate Tempest and performed at such illustrious venues as Glastonbury’s Poetry and Words tent and Nuyorican Poetry Cafe, New York.

She’s currently hard at work prepping her solo show I Wish I Had A Moustache, more of which you can find out about below.

Abecedarian is her debut EP, released under the pseudonym SheBeKeke – six tracks which constitute a fusion of poetry and music. Playing around with her loop pedal to create sounds to give her signature poems a new vibe, rather than the original acapella versions. Producer  Yussuf M’Rabty (aka Dyslexis) was enlisted to bring his own perspective to the rough experiments.
Keke says that the tracks (including one cover)  have been given one-word titles that can be read as a Hemingway-esque short poem: Fickle Mantra Hush Sweet Skin Sun. Two of the tracks (Mantra and Sun) feature bassist Ben Price.



Abecedarian is out 24th September 2014 on Bandcamp.

Can you summarise the themes of the EP?

I’ve called it Abecedarian because it describes someone who is learning their alphabet. It seemed like the perfect word because this is my first EP and the featuring pieces were written when I was exploring my voice as a poet. The collection focuses on what I learnt about myself through my experiences with various men in my life. It happened to be a major topic (not the only topic, I would like to stress!) from that period of writing.

Am I right in understanding it comprises new versions of your own material?

Yes, so the poems were not written specifically for this EP. They are some of my favourite and most popular performance pieces. I wanted to play with them – come up with sounds and hooks that could transport them into the realm of music. Some tracks feature more than one poem, I’m not rigid about my material. There is one cover in there that popped into my head whilst I was playing around with my loop pedal. I sent my ideas to producer Yussuf M’Rabty and then we recorded and tweaked them from there.


How long have you been experimenting with sound and recording?

Hhhmm… the word ‘sound’ is bringing up childhood memories for me. I was involved in quite a few musical activities (African drumming, Indian music, soul choir, steel pans) but recording, it took me ages to get into recording. I would go in to studios and freak out and lose my voice, ha. I started playing with loop pedals for performances with my poetry group when I was about 18. I got my own pedals when I was about 20. I wish I could drill it every day and become a mega looper! But I’m intuitive with these things. A hook will come into my head and then months later I’ll find that it compliments one of my poems, then I’ll get the pedal out and play around. I think I’ve answered the question…

keke saquib
Performing at Contact theatre. Photo: Saquib Chowdhury


How has your style developed over the years?

In a range of ways. At first I would just sing gospel choruses to compliment my poetry but now I write my own. My poetry is definitely more personal and honest since I’ve started performing. I love playing with polysyllabic rhyme these days. When I was younger I was like “poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, you know” but I’m a poet and I love rhyming! I think I’m less hard on myself in regard to rhythmic ideas. It’s good to be critical but I used to think everything I came up with was too clichéd but now I’m more like “If that’s how it has come to me, I’ll take it. I’ll critique it and play with it but I’ll take it.”

What is the poetic community in Manchester like? What have your experiences been?

It’s huge and I love it. It’s a beautiful circuit, loads of interesting and talented people. There are always poetry events going on. My experience has been great. I think once you put yourself out there, send your poems to people or jump on an open mic, then opportunities will come.

When I was 16 I was commissioned to respond to Emory Douglas’ exhibition at the Urbis, still now when I think about it, it was just amazing. It all comes down to having encouraging older artists in your community and in Manchester were are privileged to have so many.

So you sing, dance and act too… what have been memorable experiences for you?

I’ve had quite a few interesting gigs with Manchester Soul Choir and Urban Voices. We’ve done beautiful venues like Bridgewater Hall and The Lowry. But we’ve also done some random gigs like Sports Personality Awards and a few David Guest shows. I always had fun being a part of Contact Playback, never a dull moment when you’re improvising for about two hours straight.

Can you reveal anything about your upcoming solo show?

Well, it’s called I Wish I had a Moustache and it’s about beauty, gender anxieties and the taboo of body hair. I’m taking it back to Contact next year as a part of the Flying Solo Festival and I’m performing it next month at Camden People’s Theatre. It’s a wacky show: poetic, comedic and little bit disturbing. Oh yeah, the EP will be on Bandcamp – for free. I’ll pop it on my Soundcloud too – soundcloud/le-keke keke tache


Video: Okmalumkoolkat – Allblackblackkat

Been diggin’ the Holy Oxygen EP the last couple of weeks – here’s a video.

Grab the EP.


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 22.13.57

New music: Alphabets Heaven & Deft – Pride & Joy

staysCanadian label King Deluxe release the new Alphabets Heaven EP Everything Stays The Same digitally today, and there’s a stonkin’ video to accompany his collab with Deft. Look!

Alphabets Heaven & Deft – Pride & Joy from King Deluxe on Vimeo.

You can also buy the EP on real life vinyl here.

Devised, directed and animated by Thomas Knowler

Musical collaboration by Alphabets Heaven & Deft