On Wax / Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band announce second album The Serpent’s Mouth

Another Big Crown Records Sureshot…

55, the debut LP from Hamburg collective Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, took many by surprise with its pure swagger. Named for the eight mile strait between Trinidad and Venezuela, second album The Serpent’s Mouth transports its listeners further into tropical lands. Reaching into hip hop history, the band attack Amerie’s 1 Thing, the Jacksons’ It’s Great To Be Here, Gang Starr’s All For The Cash, Mary J’s I Love You, and the Dre/Mobb Deep single you can hear above. Unbelievably, they’ve also done a none-synth version of one of my favourite tunes: Crockett’s Theme.

Bandleader Bjorn says: My favourite cover on the album is probably ‘Crockett Theme’, which is the theme to ‘Miami Vice’. I always loved the melody, and the cosmic vibe of the song, and I was honestly surprised that it worked without synthesizers.

1. Xxplosive
2. Touchdown
3. Burn
4. Real Hot
5. Hoola-Hoop
6. Crockett Theme
7. 1 Thing
8. Great To Be Here
9. Bocas Del Dragon
10. All For The Cash
11. Maracas Bay Boogie
12. Bushfire
13. I Love You
14. The Serpent’s Mouth



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