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Appeal to save Strata records owner’s home and masters


Barbara Cox is 75 years old, and about to lose her home owing to unpaid taxes.

Barbara owns the masters to the Strata catalogue, something close to Amir Abdullah’s (of Kon and Amir) heart, as he has made it his mission to release unheard music from the vaults on his 180 Proof label.

Should you choose to donate you can do so here – now follow the details of Amir’s appeal.


I am writing you to ask for your help, urgently, with something that is very important to me. As many of you know, I recently started a record label ( that is gradually releasing the entire catalog of Strata Records, a Jazz label, broadly speaking, founded in Detroit in the late 60s, and active through the 70s. This catalog contains many (mostly, in fact) unreleased gems. And the few titles that were originally released were not done so in great quantity or quality, due to lack of funds. My mission is to give this great music the meticulous and respectful treatment it deserves.

This journey began when I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara Cox, the woman who owns Strata records, and the widow of its founder, Kenny Cox, in her home in Detroit in 2011. She agreed to give me the exclusive rights to release the Strata catalog. But now, sadly, Barbara is in imminent danger of losing her home (and unreleased Strata catalog master tapes, which she still owns, with it) if she doesn’t come up with $6700 in real estate taxes by January 20th. She’s 75 years old and living on Social Security. If she loses her house it would be not only a personal tragedy for her, but a great loss for music and the cultural history of Black America. 

Strata was much more than a record label. It was a grassroots culture and education collective in Detroit that has a rich legacy. Artists like Charles Mingus, Herbie Hancock, Elvin Jones, Weather Report and Chick Corea, all worked with Strata in some capacity. For more information on Strata see

I have released three Strata titles on my label so far. But the money I have been able to raise from that for Barbara is not sufficient to cover these expenses. So I am reaching out to you, my friends, fellow lovers of Jazz, record collectors, musicians, djs, and good people in general who I hope can help me to help a friend in need, and preserve important music and history at the same time.

All money raised will go to Barbara Cox. Any amount over the goal of $6700 will be used to protect her (and the Strata masters) from this happening again in the future. Please give whatever you can afford. No amount is too small (or too big!).

Thank you!


#helpGiz // Help out Giz the Fingathing dog


Something shit happened this week to our good friend Peter Parker (from out of that Fingathing) and his little dog, Giz. Giz’s vet bills are through the roof and fingers crossed he survives the trauma. Dan is recovering in hospital, with no permanent tendon damage. If you have the inclination, please hit the ‘Donate’ button above to help these guys out.

Dan’s partner Fiona wrote the following on Facebook…

All our love and hopes for a speedy recovery to both Dan and Giz.


Yesterday at about 10.15am, Dan ‘Peter Parker’ Baxter and our dog Giz got savagely attacked in Alexandra Park in Whalley Range by a Bull Mastiff (dark gold/caramac colour), Dan is in hospital having surgery on his hands today and will be in hospital for the next few days. Giz is at the vets and is critical, he will be there overnight again tonight and all I can do is hope. Vets bills are already in excess of £900. It is important that we catch the dog and owner that are responsible for this. Next time it could be a kid. If anyone has any info that they think will help please call/text/message me. I have contacted the police – GMP crime ref no. 882 . Thanks.

GROOVEMENT // Fingathing / 6DEC10 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud

FINGATHING SOUNDTRACK SPECTACULAR! // 13MAR12 by Jamie Groovement on Mixcloud


Preview // Harleighblu ‘Let Me Be’ [TruThoughts]


Set for official release on the 2nd Dec via the TruThoughts imprint, this soul cut has an air nostalgia to it, reminiscent of an Amy Winehouse number. Nottingham based vocalist Harleighblu is already receiving plaudits from the likes of Mr. Scruff, Jon Kennedy (XFM), Trevor Nelson, Don Letts, Craig Charles and a whole heap more players and sayers across clubland and radio…

Her voice is deep and rich with the ability to create real texture to the song, a solid, old soul singer from the nu school…

Preview // FunkinEven ‘Egypt’ [Eglo Records]


I have  been a big fan of FunkinEven after hearing his FunkinEven 1956 ft Fatima – ‘Mad Swing’ cut from 2009… This latest offering see’s Stevie J take a more twisted and dare I say frantic approach with this Detroit inspired workout. Rhythmic machine gun drums sit alongside futurefied synth grooves and chord lines reminiscent of early Mad Mike Banks / Underground Resistance workouts.

FunkinEven Facebook

Eglo Records


Pete Cannon x Deadline: My Mum’s Favourite Rapper



Pete Cannon has one foot firmly in the UK underground while his hair is teasing the UK pop charts, having produced Rizzle Kicks’ most recent single, Lost Generation (see the Blackpool Gazette for more on that). This year he’s got music to drop with Del the Funky Homosapien, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, Sway and another track on the Rizzle album. He also just produced half of the new Dirty Dike album, a new Dr Syntax LP and some instrumental business with Wizard on SBTV. Man is busy.

Deadline is a rapper/songwriter/film maker / author originating from Birmingham but living in London, formerly of crew Tactical Thinking which included the aforementioned Cannon. The two have teamed up for My Mum’s Favourite Rapper, an explosion of loud noises which would would probably be banned in the Harris Academy Upper Norwood for fear it might inspire slang to be spat over it. Have a flick through the tracklist below to have a look at contributions – the album is released digitally 18 November 2013.

Sneak peek below!

01. Intro

02. B.A.D.A.S.S
03. This Is…feat. Serocee & Yogi
04. Nobody Likes Us
05. Just Ain’t Right feat. Jim Raygun & Kid Genius
06. My Mums Favourite Rapper
07. School Days
08. Whats Going On? feat. Jim Raygun
09. P.S.T.F.U. feat. Mac Lethal & Dr Syntax
10. Sticks ‘N’ Stones feat. Leaf Dog & Jim Raygun
11. 101 feat. Mr Dick & Stig Of The Dump
12. Mic Savage feat. Jim Raygun & Sonny Jim
13. I Love This Shit
14. Booze Music feat. Jim Raygun & Assa
15. Dateline (Skit)
16 We Want Pussy feat. Surreal Knowledge
17. I Don’t Give A Fuck About You Now

Review: Riot Jazz release debut 7″ on First Word Records

Riot Jazz enter Phase 2 (or possibly 22) of their bid for world domination with their debut physical release, a double sided 45 on the esteemed First Word Records. Known to Manchester since their inception in 2008 (and earning themselves a spiffing reputation on tour in the UK and Europe), their parties have seen a ridiculous standard of guests walk through various doors with the Riot Jazz band itself always the highlight of the night.

With their LP proper, Sousamaphone!, due out in summer, this 7″ acts as a sly introduction to the world at large to the RJ sound. Influenced in no small part by the revered New Orleans scene but peppered with (and surrounded by) influences ranging from the newest electronic Manc sounds to hip hop and funk, the live version of the band is often fronted by Chunky on MC duties, but it’s Nick Walters (trumpet) and Steve Pycroft (drums) who steer the band musically.

Side A, Corn On The Cob, reimagines the Godzilla refrain from Simon Says as the cast-pictured end credits to a Spaghetti Western, all snare drums and jump up madness. Relentless. The B side, Paradox, sees the band in a more reflective mood, building up an immense, listful riff over those powerhouse drums.

There’s a Riot Jazz x Groovement radio show in the bowels of the internet somewhere, celebrating their imminent-at-the-time first birthday with Foreign Beggars. Will have to dig that one out!

Riot Jazz Facebook Twitter Site

Buy the single: iTunes Bandcamp

Listen on Soundcloud


Promoters This Is Hip Hop have a proven track record in Manchester and beyond, and have made this substantial contribution to another year of quality bookings in Manchester… Keep an eye on the Groovement calendar here for more info.


2013 is shaping up to be another mad year for hip hop bookings in Manchester. Suitably for the 40th anniversary of the genre, a true pioneer of hip hop music and culture  hits town in the form of KRS One – “rap is something we do, hip hop is  something we live” goes his philosophy. Back in ’86, KRS debuted as Boogie Down Productions (with the late Scott La Rock) with ‘South Bronx’, but found possibly his most commercially well known and certainly perennial track with ‘Sound of da Police’ from the first album under the KRS One name, ‘Return of the Boom Bap’ in the golden-tinged 1993. He continues to preach the peaceful side of  hip hop around the globe. Co-headlining this one is Peruvian-born, Harlem-raised Immortal Technique, a fiercely independent and politically active figurehead for socially relevant rap.