On Wax / MONGRELS release Attack The Megalith remix EP

MONGRELS – Kid Acne and Benjamin – follow up their very excellent debut LP Attack The Monolith with an equally flavourful remix EP of 8 tracks from the album. The

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On Wax / The Fifth Element OST by Eric Serra, art by Shan Jiang

I’ve always loved The Fifth Element, primarily for its Moebius-come-to-life visuals, but the music is unquestionably a major character in the film. Eric Serra’s soundtrack for the landmark THE FIFTH

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On Wax + Live Dates / Dwight Trible & Matthew Halsall: Inspirations

Gondwana Records’ latest release is a deeply soulful vocal album from LA-based Dwight Trible and features label boss Matthew Halsall on several tracks. Dwight came to global attention in 2005

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Record Store Day 2017: Groovement Recommendations

I’m away in the Lake District on terrible wi-fi at the moment so this post may be staggered (uploading pictures is long) but I usually try and put a post

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The Exacters prep for Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club

Manchester funk outfit The Exacters have been announced as the live element of May’s Funk and Soul Club at the city’s Band On The Wall venue. Craig Charles’ night is

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Karriem Riggins / Visuals for Bahia Dreamin’

One of the most – well, dreamy tracks from Karriem Riggin’s second album Headnod Suite is this one. Great that it’s got some visuals, and amazing visuals they are! The

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On Wax: BocaWoody / Carousel

Art by the dope Mike Winnard! The super-conjoined duo of Boca45 and DJ Woody have only gone and done a full album! After their 2016 EP NW/SW and sell-out special

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On Wax: Freddie Gibbs / You Only Live 2wice

Buy links Tracklist 1. 20 Karat Jesus 2. Alexys 3. Crushed Glass 4. Dear Maria 5. Amnesia 6. Andrea 7. Phone Lit 8. Homesick From keeping his head down for

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On Wax: Hampshire and Foat / Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand

Galaxys Like Grains of Sand by Hampshire & Foat Gorgeous library-style jazz from pianist Greg Foat and Warren Hampshire of The Bees. Recorded all-analogue to 2″ tape, mixed down on

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On Wax: Blay Ambolley / Ketan

Ketan by Blay Ambolley Blay Ambolley and his Sekondi Highlife Band have been hailed as the creators of highlife/Afro/jazz-dance music. Ketan (so named for the area where Blay was born)

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