Download: STEELY CHAN // Rawkus Lee {Rawkus x Shawn Lee}

Steely Chan return with a new project… catch the rest of their remixes here.


Rawkus Lee is the fifth mixtape release of Steely Chan, a production duo from Vancouver but based in Toronto. We create remixes and mashups available for free download. Our music is steeped in the source material of hip hop beat culture: heavy funk, soul, jazz, dub reggae, disco, psych rock, electronica, freak folk, brazillian pop, afrobeat & world music. In other words, any and all musics with strong rhythm and a healthy dose of funk.

Rawkus Lee combines the gifted lyricism of the emcees on Rawkus Records with the gritty, instrumental psychedelia of Shawn Lee. It’s a marriage of late 90s East Coast indie hip hop with a modern interpretation of groove-heavy soundtrack music from the 60s and 70s. Recommended for fans of rare groove, cosmic funk, library music and weekend warriors sporting backpacks and skateboards. 

Track Listing:

1. Black Star & Shawn Lee – Spooky Funky Definition
2. Jurassic 5 & Shawn Lee – World Of Lagos
3. Pharoahe Monch & Shawn Lee – Simon Says Windy Stallion
4. Common, Sadat X & Shawn Lee – Bongo 99
5. Reflection Eternal & Shawn Lee – Cairo Beast Mission
6. Big L & Shawn Lee – Flamboyant Organ Grinder
7. Reflection Eternal & Shawn Lee – Move Some Full Moon
8. Mos Def & Shawn Lee – Song For Faded Universe
9. Eminem & Shawn Lee – Axel Jagger Man

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