Photo essay: SIMON WHEATLEY // Inner City Youth, London

Via Joe Muggs and Laurent Fintoni on the old Facebook.

Copyright Simon Wheatley, Magnum

SIMON WHEATLEY presents first hand,with commentary, an insightful view into youth on an estate in London, and the grime scene which has emerged from communities such as this one.

Photo essay

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  • Hello, my name is Verena Stefanie Grotto I am a photographer and developping a documentary about the grime scene in London (so far)
    I love Simon Wheatley’s inner City Youth and I would love to get in contact with him as soon as possible, been a big inspiration for me, and of course need to talk to him about some doubts and difficulties he surely found in it as well.
    Could you please give me his contact if you have it? I would really appreciate it.
    and as well, if you woud like have a look at my project hoping you like it

    Verena Stefanie

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